How LinkedIn Can Benefit Recruiters

Social networking media have become indicators of trends, means of updating others what someone is engaged with, and portals where people could connect with others from around the world. LinkedIn has done its share of keeping contacts in touch and more. It has become a mine of resources for a recruitment agency looking for the best match for their job opening. Why has there been an increasing number of companies and professionals joining this site? The following explains the advantages of joining LinkedIn and how it can benefit a recruitment agency.

Efficient Tools
LinkedIn allows users to navigate the site easily. The interface features a quick search field that allows users to filter potential candidates based on their background (company, job description, interest, connections). Recruiters are updated for any recent activity of the person along with notes or recommendations received by their prospective candidate. InMails let recruiters directly contact a person and use email templates for specific positions and faster correspondence. There are alloted folders for each position and jobs are organized according to the project they fall under. The interface also has a dashboard meter that readily informs the user how much of their monthly allotted inMails or job postings have been consumed. Such clear system gives the recruiter elbow room to find the best candidates for their job slots in the shortest period.

Large Network
With most companies in the Fortune 500 joining this networking site and over a million professionals signing up every month, LinkedIn is bound to offer matches for any recruitment agency searching for specific skills and history in a candidate. As of March 2012, the site already has 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Not only can recruitment agencies be searched by jobseekers conveniently, they can also be led to potential hires by their networks recommendations or through any of their group membership.

Filtered Talent
LinkedIn not only provides work profiles of potential hires but also their relation to certain individuals which might have some connection to a recruitment agency or to any of its contacts. This gives the recruiter a sharper way to filter candidates and gather information about them since feedback can be gathered from people who know these candidates personally. Because the site also created a question and answer section, recruiters can look up a candidate’s answers and get an insight to their views, state of mind, and expertise.

Build a Name
As the site allows users to publish feedback about a company, a company becomes bound to responsibly providing service and maintaining good status online. Responses about certain companies can be seen in the Groups page or by a recruitment agency getting expert points as it answers topic questions.
Finding the right people is crucial in any business. It is the foundation of successful companies and the lifeblood of recruitment firms. LinkedIn offers a host of user benefits that are aimed to cut down staffing costs, increase productivity, and provide employers with diverse options for any of their vacancies. It also gives the recruiters reliable indicators of a person’s job suitability not only through information provided by the candidates but through the feedback they receive from their various connections.

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