How Blogging Can Help Your Business

With all the fierce competition in all forms of business it’s incredibly important to get a leg up on your competitors.  There are many basics that help: website, social media, advertising.  But there is one important tool that can be overlooked.  Blogging.  Did I make you cringe? Thought so.  I too fought against blogging for many years.  It just seemed so self indulgent. 
However, the last year I’ve been blogging for my work and surprisingly, it’s pretty great! Below are 5 things I’ve discovered about blogging that makes it well worth it.

It’s A Voice

Websites, no matter how flashy, are generally impersonal. People browse your site to find info on your products/services, hours, location etc.  When you have a tab for blogs, it gives them a direct link to you. You can show personality and heart. It goes a long ways for potential customers to feel like they have a sense of you and your business.

Sky’s The Limit

Unlike a lot of writing tasks where you have to adhere to strict guidelines (press releases anyone?), blogging is whatever you want it to be.  No rules.  You can be funny, include links and videos, you can rant.  Anything you find important to your business.  And that can be both liberating and very satisfying.

Build an Audience

Once your blog has been up and running for a few months, you’ll start to build an audience.  If you are updating it on a regular basis, your audience will look forward to new posts.  And your audience will grow- which in turn places more eyes on your business.

Spread Like Wildfire

Once you have a loyal audience, it’s time to have them share.  When people like something they read on the internet, often times they’ll share the link with their friends.  And if you have a FB or LinkedIn account, start sharing your blog link.  Word of mouth and the power of link sharing is invaluable.  Use your audience!

Have Fun and Be You

Most importantly, have fun with it.  Blogging can be like journaling but with a more focused topic.  Show personality.  Let your readers laugh.  Ask them questions and respond to their answers.  Blogging takes the stuffiness out of business.  It’s your time to shine and share your thoughts, opinions, reviews, tips and advice on all things to do with your business.  It’ll become less like work and more like playtime if you do.

About the Author:
Lisa Coronado is a content writer for CoolBlueWeb.
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