Apple iPhone 5 Spec Rumours

With every passing week of silence from Apple, there are numerous blogs, websites, newspaper articles and TV stories detailing what the apple iPhone 5 will be like. The release of the latest Android OS and Samsung’s new phones has only fuelled these rumours.

Here is a round-up of some of the rumours about the latest iPhone that have been trending quite rampantly in the tech world:

Release Date

Industry watchers expected the Apple iPhone 5 to release in 2011. However, in 2011, Apple only released the iPhone 4s. Due to this, the release date of the iPhone 5 is expected to be sometime towards the end of 2012. Some tech bloggers say that the iPhone will be released in September or October, keeping with the usual Apple schedule of releasing new models with 12-month gaps. It is said that the device will be named iPhone5, as Apple has bookmarked the same domain name.

Screen Specs

The iPhone 5 phone is likely to have a screen size of 4.08 inches. The phone will measure 90.3 mm x 50.9 mm. It may have a resolution of 1136 x 640 (320 PPI). The maximum brightness will be 500 nits, and the screen will feature in-cell touch control technology. TMD, LG Display and Sharp are likely to supply the screen panels. Analysts say that even though the screen is larger than iPhone 4, the battery consumption of the newer model is likely to be similar to that of its predecessor. It is speculated that the manufacturer rejected the idea of a larger screen due to excessive battery consumption, and the fact that it would make it difficult to operate it single-handedly. The screen may be a glass curved screen – a rumour that has gained credibility once it was learnt that Apple has bought over 200 glass cutting machines.

Other Specs

The new iPhone 5 may have a quad-core processor provided by Samsung, and dock connecting technology. In terms of looks, it is touted as being entirely different from the other Apple phones that have been released so far. The body will be made of liquid metal, and will have a ‘sleek unibody casing’. Liquid metal is known to be light, slim and well-resistant to impact. To put it simply, it will look less like the older iPhone versions, and more like recent versions of the Mac Book Pro. It may also have a 1GB built-in RAM.

The Camera

The camera is said to be one of the major improvements in the new iPhone. Apple is said to be in talks with Sony to procure its new RGBW and High Dynamic Range sensors to improve the performance of the camera. The new camera, whose sensors will be smaller in size, will have a resolution of 8 megapixels, and will work much better in low-light settings compared to the previous Apple phones. The fact that Apple recently received a patent for the multi-point camera focusing system has led to speculation that this feature will debut in the iPhone 5.
This multi-focusing feature will allow users to select two or more areas of interest, following which the picture will be processed to render those areas with great sharpness. One of the rumours heard about the camera is that the phone will have a camera that supports both photo and video 3D; however, industry watchers have termed this rumour baseless and untrue.

Other Features

Apple’s new phone may feature the Google wallet mobile payment platform. These rumours have gained steam after the news came that Google could be looking to allow other manufacturers to use the software in their phones too. The phone might feature Near Field Communication technology, which will help users to use their phones as credit or debit cards. Apple is said to have a top developer working on an app to make this possible.


It is rumoured that the new iPhone will cost approximately GBP 500, assuming that the memory is kept at 16GB/ 32 GB options. The pricing of the phone is likely to go much higher only if the technology used to make the phone is of a new generation altogether.

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