Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Online Business

Pinterest is a relatively new website that allows users to pin images and share them with others. Photos are pinned to story boards that are divided by category or theme. Users also have the ability to repin images that they like and share them with others. The demographics of Pinterest is mostly women and pins  that go viral and prominently featured on the homepage are frequently related to arts & crafts, furniture and beauty.

As we all know, women are major decision makers when it comes to important family decisions such as buying a new home. As a result, Pinterest is a steadily growing source of traffic that many businesses simply cannot ignore. Some users are even reporting more referral traffic from Pinterest than Youtube or Google! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your campaign.

Compelling And Visual Images Are The Key
Since Pinterest is visual based you can’t get away posting any old picture and just expect it to be repinned and go viral. Like the saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s important to post an image that is visually compelling. If you sell real estate in Los Angeles perhaps you could create a pin board with images of some of the local attractions such as The Griffith Observatory or photos of the city skyline in addition to just photos of homes that you are currently selling.

Think Outside The Box
The companies that are doing well on Pinterest have found ways to think outside the box. One company that has received acclaim for their Pinterest campain is Peugeot Panama. This company has arranged their story boards in a manner so that the the titles of their story boards combine to form advertising and phrases that can be read from left to right. In addition, they have also designed brilliant jigsaw stype puzzles in order to foster user interaction. Followers have to visit their Facebook and homepage in order to find the “missing pieces”. This is a great example of “thinking outside the box” when everyone else is doing the same thing.

Promote Your Site Or Blog
Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your business website or blog. You have the ability to paste the url of your website in the “description” field whenever you create a new pin. In addition, you can also link the actual image to your website by clicking “edit” once you’ve created your pin and pasting your url into the “link” field.

About the Author:
Written by Mary Lee Star  - Real estate companies such as Midwest Management and Enterprise Car Sales have the ability to generate media buzz by marketing on Pinterest. Social media allows companies to engage individuals on a large scale and build their brand.

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