Training the Mind to Improve Your Life

Training the Mind to Improve Your Life

There are thousands upon thousands of self-help titles available today. The following selections look specifically at the top five books to improve your life.

Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

In this book, the author is explaining how to improve your life by visualizing your desires as being real. Not truly a psychic phenomenon, but rather a practical step-by-step guide to training yourself how to achieve the improvements in life that you desire. After she discusses how to focus your mind, she gives examples from her life to show that her techniques really work.

The Hidden Power by Thomas Troward

This title is a precursor to the above mentioned book, and it delves into the truth of self and of growth. It seeks to teach one how to look at the truth of things and to not limit the worldview, by seeking to guide one in the opening of the eyes so that completeness and satisfaction may be present and thus giving improvement over the quality of life experienced.

The Master Mind by Theron Q Dumont

This book seeks to give an understanding of the mind, not from any special gifts, but rather from a psychological emphasis. It is about being the master of the mind, of controlling the emotions, of being in control of the self. It does not seek to expand on any of the extra sensory abilities such as having mediums doing a reading on someone. Yet, if that were the case, it would show how to look at things with an objective eye and to incorporate the knowledge given through sessions.

Jesus Taught it Too (The Early Roots of the Law of Attraction) by Philip F Harris

The author interprets words from the bible and gives them new meaning by showing what was said has a hidden message underlying the quotes. This is the law that the title speaks of and many insights are gained from the way the author reads the selected texts. He teaches you how to improve on your life by realizing that what you are looking for is already present. This is accomplished by way of the action and reaction formula except with a twist. The way you perceive yourself to be is what you become. This book shows how to make your perceptions and thoughts more positive to improve your life.

Your Forces and How to Use Them by Christian D. Larson

Looking to the spiritual world as well as the natural world, this book show how to tap into and harness the energies that make up all of existence. It discusses how to use the mind to master the world of energy around us and to improve upon every aspect of the life we live. Instead of being subjected to the ebb and flow of the natural world, we are instructed to be the controllers and masters of the realm of energy as we are all made of energy. This book guides the thoughts into becoming unshackled by the constraints existence and focuses on the steps to releasing the power of the mind and the spirit.

These five titles all strive to teach one how to focus on the power of the mind and the spirit. By giving guidance on how to harness the power that is within us all, and how to improve our lives and be in control of them.

Jane, psychic from England and tarot reading expert.
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