The History of the Modem [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know the first official modem was invented back in 1943? Or that the AT&T DigitalSubset worked at such a slow speed that it would have taken 15 hours to fully load a webpage of just 500kb? It’s remarkable to see how far modem technology has come since those days, but with so many decades under its belt, modems have not only an intriguing history, but a very bright future, too.

As emails and internet browsing began to take over during the 1990s, as did the desire for quicker connections – and that’s when things really began to move fast. Thanks to ISDN lines and clever ADSL technology, companies were able to provide far quicker data to consumers – meaning pages loaded quicker, emails were sent in a flash and MP3 files were downloaded in a few minutes.
The last few decades have been a real innovation race for modem technology, so why not take a look at this infographic and see how it all began.

by BroadbandChoices

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