7 Essentials Every Cool Office Needs

On average, the working person spends up to 70% of their time working. That’s a large percentage so it goes without saying that a cool office is a productive office. Apart from the more serious logistics that create a happy worker, there are the more quirky and interesting aspects that make for a cool office and a content employee. 

These are:

1. A sense of humor

A good laugh is a type of medicine that raises the spirits and alleviates stress. Work hard but have a good time and laugh. It will create not only a cool office, but will facilitate ideas if in a creative space and the office will be a more enjoyable place to work in. 

2. Traditions in the office

I have heard about cool office traditions that are partaken in. The more obvious are the birthday rituals with cake and the more innovative like a Friday ritual of specific music. Creating a unique office tradition in your company will not only create something to look forward to but also cohesion in the group. It adds a lighter side to work and could be a fun alternative to the everyday mundane occurrences.

3. Inside jokes and memories

A cool office space will be one where colleagues get along and are like a family. Obviously this is not always the case but when this does happen, it makes the office a much happier place. As you spend so much time with your work colleagues, histories have developed with funny stories and inside jokes. These stories can become as part of your cool office as its decor and the benefits of having these jokes are closeness of people in the office.

4. Plants

Plants make a cool office. The benefits are obvious, more air and some greenery to break the cement. Plants will add lovely deco to your cool office and will help with layouts.

5. Some singing

In innovative cool office ideas, it’s great to have one person that can sing and one person who sings but is actually very bad at it. These people will add a fun dynamic to your cool office and are pioneers for confidence. The person who can sing will add some melody to your day and the one who can’t can add some humour.

6. Snacks

Food, glorious food. Never underestimate the power of some yummy snacks. Having something yummy to bit into lifts any employee’s spirits and makes for an awesome cool office idea. A little snack here and there will also improve energy levels and help keep productivity high.

7. Colour

Different colours evoke different emotions so a cool office is a colourful office. A drab, boring office can lower spirits and create a boring space. Little bursts of colour here and then are sure to lift the mood and the appearance of the office.    

About the Author:
Jemma Scott enjoys writing about office related subjects and in this article takes more of a fun approach. Her inspiration came from her time in cool serviced offices such as offices Cardiff.

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