5 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios is an American based computer animation film studio that got its start in 1979. Some of the movies that they are famous for include Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille and WALL-E. Over the years they have earned 26 Academy Awards, 7 Golden Globes and 3 Grammies. All of their hard work and dedication can teach us some great lessons.

Be Excellent In All You Do
Pixar is willing to go so far as to shut down the production of a movie to rewrite a script that is bad, which is something that most companies wouldn’t do. This is something that Pixar did with Toy Story though. They also managed to change Toy Story 2 from a 60-minute video into a 2-hour movie because it was that impressive. Regardless of what it is, everything at Pixar is done with the utmost in excellence in mind. Clearly, excellence is this company’s top priority.

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity
This company doesn’t rush into anything. For instance, the concept for the WALL-E movie was conceived in 1994 but it didn’t hit theaters until 2008. Usually waiting creates such great works of art. So, while they may not be mass-producing movies, the ones that they do produce are hits that are remembered for years to come.

You Don’t Have To Be Crude To Get Attention
There is innocence and pureness to the movies that Pixar produces. You won’t find any bad language, sex or gratuitous sexual content in them. Nonetheless, some adults actually enjoy these movies more than children do. This may surprise you whenever you stop to consider that most of today’s movies’ content is actually quite weak but this is because they’re trying to appeal to today’s world by including the things that Pixar excludes.

Rise Above That Which Is Expected
Since movies have been around for quite a while now it has become difficult to surprise people. However, by going above and beyond what’s expected, Pixar has managed to surprise them. This is why you see people leaving the theater saying how impressive the movie was. Even critics like Rotten Tomatoes has never given Pixar movies anything less than positive ratings. Some of these movies even hold the highest ratings out of all movies in history.

Think Outside Of The Box
Clearly you can see that Pixar is not your typical movie production company. Not only because they do everything via digital animation but also because they create a memorable movie-going experience. This is because the heroine isn’t human. Instead it is a toy, car, bug, robot, monster, rat or fish. In this way Pixar has enabled people to think outside of the box today. They’ve also enabled them to dream bigger than before.

Pixar’s objective has always been to combine technology with creativity in their films. This has led to the creation of numerous memorable and heartwarming characters and stories that appeal to people regardless of their age. While they’ve done a good job of this, they’ve also managed to teach us some important lessons too.

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