2012 TV Buying Guide

As the microchip shrinks the TV grows, bigger, better and more glorious every year. So why settle down in 2012? Buying time has never been better.

HDTVs are no longer an exclusive commodity. The technology has come far enough, and great TVs have become ubiquitous enough, that premium screens on a budget are easy to find. What's more, cable has caught up with Blu-Ray and HD video game systems, offering almost every imaginable channel in HD iterations and wide-screen format. Commercials have also never been so much fun to watch.

So what should you be looking for in your new HDTV? Try these five tips to help your search.

1. Go plasma or LCD. CRT has gone the way of the dinosaur and rear projection TVs are headed in that direction. Stick to plasma or LCD for the finest displays - in smaller TVs, LCD and the more-advanced LED models are your best bet.

2. Check for plenty of HDMI. You're buying an HDTV because it's high definition after all. Make sure your TV features plenty of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) ports as well as some classic A/V connectors in case you've got older equipment you'll want to hook up.

3. Keep size in mind. 60" TVs are amazing, but they're not for every room. Make sure you know your seating plan before you settle on a size, as the nuances of 1080p tend to be lost on those too close or too far away.

4. Consider 3D capabilities. It won't be your most-used feature, but this option means your HDTV is outfitted with the ability to view compatible movies in 3D, which is pretty great. As the 3D trend in film and television continues to grow, 3D HDTVs are likely to become more popular, but right now it might not be a necessary investment.

5. Listen closely. Chances are, if you're investing in a monster of a TV, you've already got plans for a great surround system. But 5.1 Sound isn't for everybody, so make sure you double check your new HDTV's speakers.Nothing's going to sound quite as good as live, but you should be shocked by how close it comes.

TV shopping should be a blast - not stressful. Keep this guide in mind when you go out looking for your next TV investment, and once you're settled, go pick out a great movie (in beautiful 1080p), pop some popcorn and be amazed.

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