The Digital Photography Revolution

Although there is no doubt that digital cameras and photography have made capturing images easier, faster and less prone to poor quality results, there is also concern that the ease with which novice photographers can access high quality camera technology has cheapened the effect of truly talented photographers, with aficionados of traditional photography going as far to say that digital has killed their love of the craft.

For some, the death knoll was properly sounded when long time market giants Kodak filed for bankruptcy whilst others who considered themselves to be professionals have been slightly put out by the number of pretenders to the throne who can now more easily access the craft.
According to Samsung there are 2.5 billion owners of digital cameras around the globe and these cameras, whether they are standalone models or part of mobile phones, have accounted for some of the biggest changes in photography and the way that people take photographs.

The Camera Phone
Originally derided by some who failed to see why a camera attached to a phone would ever have any use, the camera phone is now one of the most valuable sources of the “I was there” remembrance. From the capture of Colonel Gaddafi to the summer riots of 2011, some of the biggest news stories and events of recent times have been captured on mobile phone cameras and with the largest news corporations relying on footage captured in this way for their broadcasting, it’s hard to deny the power of the mobile phone camera.

The Professional
Once upon a time, professional photographers charged clients on a “number of shots” basis and would be unlikely to take a shot unless they were certain of the result. Thanks to digital technology though there is no longer any need for this wait or to try the hands of fate. Anyone and everyone now knows that the shot they take is of a high quality mere seconds after taking it and there is no more threat of a wasted shot.

The amount of photographs
Whether you’re an enthusiast or simply someone who likes to have the memories of their summer holiday as a permanent reminder, digital photography has changed the frequency with which we take pictures. Look back a few decades and you’d have been lucky to take and have 24 photographs to a film. Taking three films on holiday was considered a luxury and we were a lot sparser with the photographs we took. Consider the difference now when a typical memory card can hold up to 50 shots and these can be uploaded and the memory card wiped to allow for more photographs within seconds and it is little wonder that digital photography has meant that we are taking more photos than ever.

The Devaluing of Photographs
There are those experts who claim that the availability and ease with which photographs can now be taken has devalued them and whilst we might have once expected to see ten perfect shots, we can now see 50 mediocre pieces.

About the Author:
Charles Reybreck is a freelance writer with an interest in consumer issues, such as laptop deals and digital cameras.

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