Innovative Raven Mac Internet Browser, Turns Your Favourite Sites Into Apps

A new innovative Mac browser have been developed called Raven which has been designed to provide customised interfaces for a wide range of popular website. Most internet browsers look fairly similar is style and design, but the new Raven Mac browser is looking to break the mould and provide users with a different take on the traditional browser using web apps for your favourite sites.

Once installed you have access to its built-in Web App Shop provides you with access to dedicated ‘apps’ for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn to name a few.

Raven provides enhanced features and a new level of multitasking within a single window. The Smart Bar brings together navigation across many different websites allowing access to features quickly. You can download the innovative Raven Mac browser from the Raven website now for free.

Being an app base browser Raven isn’t as fast as Chrome or similar but it could be a great new addition to your ways of browsing your most popular website in a more user friendly way.

 Source: Raven : TNW
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