MakeMyBrowser Review

3 Winning Reasons Why I MakeMyBrowser
The 21st century is the age of mass customization when it comes to technology and media. Why, then, should an internet user be stuck with a boring old browser? Is there a way to personalize the way we browse the internet and make it more fun and engaging? 

MakeMyBrowser resolves all such dilemmas in these top 3 ways:

  1. Creates a Personalized Browser for You.  
MakeMyBrowser ensures that your browser is all about you. Instead of the dreary “e”, you get to keep your own photograph (or someone else’s, if you wish). You can also keep your own collection of bookmarked websites and save all your passwords and log-in details in one place. This eliminates the need to log in and out repeatedly in case other family members use your computer too.  MakeMyBrowser lets you share your browser, together with your images and bookmarks, with your friends through a process as simple as a few clicks.  
  1. Makes Browsing Fast.
Based on Google Chromium, MakeMyBrowser enables a fast internet experience since it uses the same project as Google Chrome. It also works with the Chrome Web Store and supports all its features, but in a customized way. And good news! Unlike Google Chrome, MakeMyBrowser can be downloaded several times so you can multiple browsers.
  1. Provides it all for Free.
Perhaps the best feature of MakeMyBrowser is that it lets you have the best of both worlds for absolutely no cost! Not only does it mean free internet browsing with a customized browser, it also means the same service for each member of the family.

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