Review: Computer mate AIR100 purifier

 This unit could be well used by connecting it to the computer with USB line. Even you are in the office, you could enjoy the fresh forest air. The elegant design is a good-looking decoration of your office.

Function Guide
            The Computer mate air purifier combines TiO² photocatalyst, activated carbon filter, high concentration negative ion, plus strong turban fan setting into one compact and inovative unit, which contributes to decompose or exterminate various contamination including dust, particulate, bacterial, virus, VOC(volatile organic compound), smoke, mikroorganism etc. Its high concentration negative ion will help to exterminate static caused by computer, which can be generally used in office, lab, computer room, bedroom etc. You may drop essential oil or perfume to cotton piece included to create a romantic sweet-scented environment(essential oil and perfume haven't been included).

Operation Guide
  1. Plug one terminal of the USB into computer socket and the other into the unit power socket.
  2. Turn anticlockwise the top cover and pick out the cotton piece and drop favorite essential oil or perfume. Replace the cotton piece into the unit.
  3. Install the top cover and turn tightly.
  4. Press the button POWER, the unit will work with the LED indicator on.

Technical Data

Working environment: temperature: 0~40°C
                                      Relative humidity: <80%RH
Dimension: 80 x 80 x 70 mm
Input Voltage: 3-5V
Rated power: ≤3W
Negative ions: 3x 10 ions/cm³
Effective area: 12m²
Lifetime of motor: ≥50000 h

  1. Be sure not to clean the machine with organic solvent. Switch off the unit before cleaning, then clean the unit with soft cloth or neutral detergent. Make sure no water flows into the machine.
  2. Remove the dust from the ion outlet with dry brush after using some days.
  3. Please  shut off the USB connector if the unit won't be used for long time.
  4. Fequently cleaning the negative ion outlet get best purification effect.
Price: $14.39
Color: Black, green and yellow
Rating: 9/10 

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