Fab Fake 4G iPhone Designs

iPhone enthusiast from around the Web offer their visions for the next-gen iPhone.

iPhoney Baloney

While iPhone-maniacs are drooling over what Apple has in store for the new version of the iPhone 3G this summer, fans are already speculating as to what an iPhone 4G will look like and what features it will have. Never mind the fact that for Apple to have an iPhone on a 4G network they'd have to be free of AT&T.
We've combed the Web to bring you our 'Photoshopped' favorites. Afterwards, let us know what you think about these concept iPhones and if there's one we missed.

Memory Maven

Obviously the concept here is that there'll be more memory (for all those "luxury" apps on tap) and the staple Apple silver shell.

Good Genes

If the PowerBook and the iPhone 3G had a baby. Here we have a titanium and glass model that hopes for an OLED screen, front camera for iChat, removable battery (yeah, that'll happen), a 3.2 Megapixel camera, video and, of course, more memory at 32 GB.



A Cinderella Story

Hmm, interesting but not screaming Apple to us.

 It's Ultra, Man!

Dubbed the "iPhone Ultra", this concept looks a lot like other 4G iPhoneys with a titanium and glass casing, and an OLED display. Under the hood, there's a 1.2 GHz processor and the "specs" list also includes a 5.2 megapixel camera, 4G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth 10x and iPhone OS 2.7.

It's Ultra, Man! The Sequel

Another view of the iPhone Ultra. Note the 64 GB of internal memory. Concept specs note that the battery of the phone would provide energy for 18 hours of video playback and 48 hours of audio playback. That would indeed be sweet.

Luxe Life

The "iPhone Luxe" is a deluxe version of the iPhone Ultra, with a whopping internal memory of 128 GB and black, elegant case.

Game On!

According to a ComScore report, iPhone users are about ten times more likely to download games for their phones than other smartphone users -- and this design takes gaming to heart. Not sure this looks better than a PSP, but still interesting. Will the next-gen iPhones offer a gaming focus? Will there be a new iPod gaming device in the works?

Dangerous Curves

Nice curves! This iPhone 4G concept appears inspired by the MacBook Air and would offer us something we're currently missing in current iPhone models -- a videochat. Combined with GPS, this could prove a powerful feature. Like other 4G concepts, this design has a front camera.


Still amazed at concept iPhones that incorporate QWERTY keyboards. This design seems antithetical to what the iPhone offers, but still like the titanium shell.

Say Cheese!

Another odd design that looks like it was built by Nokia with its QWERTY slide-out keyboard. What's up with the camera lens? Maybe it's just a way to say that this designer wants the iPhone to boost the camera features.

A Keyboard, a Camera -- and Game-Ready

The "iPhone Pro" looks a lot like the previous concept (keyboard and honking camera) but has a a little hint to gaming interface. Not quite up to Apple's design standards, but like the gaming nod.

Sleek and Curvy

Another concept with curves -- this design is sleeker than the existing 3G model. As with other concepts in this batch, this device-hopeful has a titanium back plate (a la the original iPhone). The headphone slot is replaced by longer and thinner one that stretches across the top of the phone's display. There's no mute switch here (a problem for sure), but there appears to be a few feature items missing from this offering.

802.11n and More

This iPhone 4G concept from TERANFX tech blog, hopes for 802.11n (which appears to be on the way for the next version of the iPhone 3G), FM radio, and video editing.

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