Baseus Announced Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking Station

Baseus Technology is a respected global consumer electronics brand that is excited to announce the launch of the latest and greatest product, the Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking Station. This professional, adaptable, and innovative docking station makes streaming, transfers, charging, and so much more a seamless and simple experience.

One-Stop Dock Solution: The Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking Station provides a high-grade docking solution with 11 different ports to fit a variety of needs and applications.

Baseus Announced Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking Station

Fast-Charging Capacity: Enjoy superior charging with a USB-C Power Delivery port that reaches up to 100W to ensure that your devices are always powered up and ready to go in a shorter amount of time.

Simultaneous Transfers and Charging: Go the extra mile when charging devices with the Baseus docking station and enjoy simultaneous 10Gbps data transfers – for efficiency that works as hard as you do.

2 x 4K60Hz HDMI Output: Experience high definition like never before with 2 HDMI output ports that precisely transmit digital video and audio. Both HDMI ports on the Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking Station support video resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz to give you seamless clarity, visuals, and sound.

2 x 4K60Hz DP Output: Take advantage of 2 additional Display Port outputs with your Baseus docking station for an even more advanced frame rate and resolution reaching up to 4K at 60Hz.

4 x USB-C Data Transfer Output: Level up your data transfer potential when you use any of the 4 data-only USB-C ports on the Baseus docking station. Unlock versatility with varying transfer speeds when you use the USB1-A at 10Gbps V3.2, the USB2-C at 10Gbps V3.2, the USB3-A at 10Gbps V3.2, or the USB4-A at 480Mbps V2.0.

1000Mbps RJ45 Connection: Speed is crucial when it comes to connectivity, streaming, and transfers. This is why the Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port Docking Station features a Registered Jack-45 connector to achieve 1000Mbps high-speed data transfer connections.

Multi-Screen Capabilities: Expand your screen capabilities using the Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking station with Multi-Stream Transport for simultaneous output on up to 3 display screens with 4K resolution at 60Hz. While MacOS cannot support MST mode, you can still use the mirror mode to cast your screen on 3 monitors.

3.5mm Audio Jack: Experience unparalleled sound design and reconstruction with an additional 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones or microphones. With a sampling rate of 24bit 96kHz, the Baseus docking station gives you quality sound depth and dynamics for quality audio reproduction.

LED Indicator and Magnetic Docking Design: Never lose sight of what's connected with a functional LED display panel that indicates exactly which ports are connected to different peripherals. Magnetic panels also keep the Baseus Spacemate Series docking station secure and stable for seamless connectivity whenever and wherever you need it.

One-Click Screen-Off Feature: Enjoy full control over your docking station with a One-Click Screen-Off button that allows you to seamlessly switch screens and enter your private space at the tap of a button – whether you're in a meeting or just using multiple screens at once.

Baseus is dedicated to creating a world of innovative technology that enhances connectivity, efficiency, and performance. The Baseus Spacemate Series 11-Port USB-C Docking Station is a massive step to creating that new world. The Baseus 11-in-1 Spacemate Docking Station has a suggested retail price of $119.99 and is now available on Amazon. It is currently discounted by $10.

SOURCE Baseus Technology (HK) Co., Ltd
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