PranaQ to Unveil Revolutionary Sleep Tech at CES 2024: Introducing TipTraQ, the AI Sleep Tracking and Improvement Solution

PranaQ, the innovative sleep tech startup, has made waves at CES 2024 with the highly anticipated launch of its flagship product, TipTraQ. This cutting-edge device goes beyond traditional sleep monitoring, offering a comprehensive solution for diagnosing and monitoring respiratory sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, and improving sleep as a whole.

PranaQ to Unveil Revolutionary Sleep Tech at CES 2024: Introducing TipTraQ, the AI Sleep Tracking and Improvement Solution

GenAI-Powered Sleep Improvement Program

TipTraQ goes beyond basic sleep monitoring by analyzing user-specific sleep trends, offering real-time tracking, and providing a personalized sleep coaching program powered by GenAI. PranaQ's sleep improvement program not only tailors recommendations based on the individual's data but also utilizes this information to find and direct users to the most beneficial treatment and solution options.

Medical-Grade Accuracy Validated by Leading US Medical Institutes

Rigorous testing and verification by leading medical institutes have confirmed the device's exceptional precision in sleep breathing (including snoring) analysis, sleep stage assessment, and total sleep time tracking. PranaQ is proud to bring medical-grade sleep monitoring to consumers with TipTraQ.

Designed for Comfort and Everyday Use

TipTraQ blends cutting-edge functionality and user-centric design, creating a sleep-tracking solution pivotal for a connected and health-conscious future. Its ergonomic curve ensures comfort and signal quality, complemented by a featherlight design for daily use and an anti-slip strap for universal fit. Featuring eco-friendly components like a rechargeable battery and replaceable strap designed for long-term use, TipTraQ also serves as a key technology enabler for Smart Sleep and telehealth applications.

The Future of Sleep Tech at CES 2024

At CES 2024, PranaQ is proud to have showcased how TipTraQ helps consumers track and improve sleep and inspired them with a glimpse of firsthand experience of the future of sleep technology. With the partnership conversations that started at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, PranaQ can't wait to collaborate with the sleep and wellness solution experts who showed an unshakable commitment to sleep health towards a common vision: help more people unlock their best sleep.

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