DODOcase Reveals Exciting New Lineup of iPhone 15 Cases, Including Two MagSafe Compatible Cases

DODOcase, creator of the first book style iPad cases and a US-based tech accessory brand, is excited to announce its latest lineup of cases for the iPhone 15, 15 plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Seamlessly blending traditional artisanship with innovative design, DODOcase offers premium-quality cases for various Apple devices. The new collection promises superior protection and enhanced functionality with a crafted aesthetic.

DODOcase Reveals Exciting New Lineup of iPhone 15 Cases, Including Two MagSafe Compatible Cases

"Our customers wanted more options to protect their new iPhone 15 devices," said Jamie Moore, DODOcase CEO. "Our cases not only offer quality protection but aim to maximize the functionality by combining charging functionality, card cases, and wallets."

The collection includes five handcrafted leather and canvas cases, each designed to suit different needs and preferences, including new options with wireless charging compatible Magsafe cases.

  • Colorway Shockproof iPhone Cases with Magsafe: Express your personality with bold colors in Italian pebble leather. This shockproof iPhone 15 case features a newly redesigned polymer tray to maintain a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Rugged Leather Shockproof iPhone Cases with Magsafe: Exuding a minimalist styling with a rugged edge. Safeguard your iPhone 15 with a bumper that absorbs shock and protects against accidental drops.

Additionally, DODOcase has new wallet covers and cases for all the iPhone 15 models:
  • Colorway Shockproof iPhone Card Cases: For those who love bold colors and the beauty of Italian pebble leather, carry your cards with your phone in style. Get shockproof and drop protection for your new Phone 15, while maintaining a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Rugged Leather Shockproof iPhone Cases: For those who seek a more natural leather look, these cases have both form and function. Keep your ID and credit card handy. Neutral leather for those who appreciate a more natural aesthetic.
  • Leather Phone Wallet: The convenience of an all-in-one case for credit cards, ID, cash, business cards, and receipts with your iPhone 15. The wallet phone case is designed to fit comfortably in your pocket without adding any bulk. It features an eco-friendly biodegradable iPhone 15 phone tray.
  • Durable Wallet Phone Sleeve: Large enough to fit an iPhone Pro Max and iPhone 15 Plus, this sleeve features two external leather pockets for cards, cash, and receipts. It's designed to develop a trendy; vintage look over time.
  • Custom iPhone Case (Customizer): The Customizer is a unique design tool that puts you in control of the customization of your case, from choosing the colors or materials all the way down to the elastic closure. Upgrade to add credit card slots and turn your phone case into a wallet.

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