CleanSpark Releases November 2023 Bitcoin Mining Update

CleanSpark Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK), America's Bitcoin Miner™, today released its unaudited Bitcoin (or "BTC") mining and operations update for the month ending November 30, 2023.

CleanSpark Releases November 2023 Bitcoin Mining Update

"We achieved our second-highest monthly bitcoin production despite increased difficulty and without using more energy," said Zach Bradford, CEO. "Our efficiency improved, dropping to 26.4 J/Th. We also saw a significant increase in production from fees, likely due to the growing interest in ordinals. This trend suggests that fees might soon become a larger source of revenue as bitcoin's use cases grow and adoption increases.

"Significantly, our operational uptime this month reached an exceptional 99.98%, a direct result of our teams' dedication and skill. Their commitment to excellence has been crucial in achieving these milestones. As CEO, I am profoundly proud of our collective efforts and optimistic about our future trajectory in efficiency and productivity."

November Bitcoin Mining Update (unaudited)
  • Bitcoin mined in November: 666
  • CY2023 bitcoin mined: 6,671
  • Total BTC holdings as of November 30: 2,575
  • Total BTC sold in November: 402
  • Deployed fleet: 88,825
  • Month-end fleet efficiency: 26.4 J/Th
  • Current hashrate: 10.08 EH/s

The Company sold 402 BTC in November 2023 at an average of approximately $36,600 per BTC. Sales of BTC equated to proceeds of approximately $14.7 million. November daily BTC mined averaged 22.2 and reached a high of 26.1.

Operational update

Sandersville. No serious delays have been reported and site construction remains on track for an expected yearend completion. Notable updates include: steel and roof structures are complete for Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; racks have been installed in Buildings 1 through 5. Buildings 7 and 8 are currently under construction.

SOURCE CleanSpark, Inc.
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