Lectric eBikes Reveals First Off-Road eBike

Lectric eBikes, the makers of the most popular eBike in America, the Lectric XP™ 3.0, today announced the launch of its newest and most adventurous eBike yet, the Lectric XPeak. Tested to the most aggressive eMTB standards, the XPeak is designed for peak all-terrain performance with 26-inch by 4-inch wheels, and an exceptional RST Renegade front suspension fork, at an industry-leading affordable price.

Lectric eBikes Reveals First Off-Road eBike

The Lectric XPeak is now available with a launch special for pre-order at $1,299 and includes $450 in free accessories at LectriceBikes.com.

"Since our inception in 2019, we've been focused on delivering exceptional value to our customers while setting new standards in the market," said Lectric eBikes co-founder and CEO Levi Conlow. "With each new eBike category we enter, we want to set expectations for the entire industry. Customers should get a rigorously-tested, high quality off-road eBike with a super sick fork and great componentry for an affordable price—and that's what we've done with the Lectric XPeak."

The Lectric XPeak is outfitted with a 1,310W peak motor that has 85Nm of torque to deliver power and speed quicker than ever before. And the all-new stealth M24 motor technology provides a quieter experience without sacrificing power. Combined with a removable 48V, 14Ah long range, lithium-ion battery integrated on the down tube of the frame, the Lectric XPeak has the power and efficiency to leave the pavement behind.

For maximum safety and security, the Lectric XPeak was put through the rigorous ISO 4210-10 eMTB standard testing process by a U.S.-based bicycle testing lab to prove the handlebars, frame, fork, and stem can handle off-road conditions ride after ride. In addition, Lectric XPeak is compliant to UL 2849, a bi-national accredited consensus standard for the U.S. and Canada that covers micromobility devices like eBikes and takes a holistic electrical system approach to the safety of battery packs and battery management systems in order to minimize the potential risks associated with battery usage.

"At Lectric eBikes, we've been successful because we're determined to go above and beyond what is required for our customers," said Conlow. "The safety of our riders is paramount and that's why we've chosen to have the Lectric XPeak tested to the highest standards."

During the exclusive pre-order, which starts today, Lectric XPeak includes $450 in free accessories, with a Rear Rack, Front Rack, Front Basket, Rear Basket, Fenders, Lock, and Elite Headlight. A wide variety of additional accessories are compatible with the XPeak and available at LectriceBikes.com.

SOURCE Lectric eBikes
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