Coinbase partners with Integral

Integral announces a collaboration with Coinbase and investment from Coinbase Ventures to bring cutting-edge accounting solutions to Coinbase Prime clients, covering assets held inside and outside of Coinbase.

Integral's solutions give finance executives, controllers, accountants, and fund administrators a way to get an aggregate view of all of their digital assets, held inside and outside of Coinbase, making it easy to automate workflows like accounting, reporting, record-keeping, and more.

Coinbase partners with Integral

"Integral's platform streamlines crypto accounting and treasury management, resolving a major headache for institutions and businesses that interact with crypto assets. We are thrilled to invest and collaborate with Integral in offering these services to Coinbase Prime clients." Shan Aggarwal, Vice President and Head of Corporate Development and Ventures at Coinbase.

"Blockchain is a breakthrough for enhancing trust in financial systems, but the increased accounting and compliance complexity makes it hard for businesses to adopt blockchain with confidence," said Gui Laliberté, CEO of Integral. "This funding and collaboration positions Integral to solve increasingly complex accounting problems for businesses. We're grateful that Coinbase shares our vision to create a better, high-trust financial system."

Managing web3 finances and operations at scale has always been a challenge for financial professionals. Many businesses still rely on spreadsheets and manual processes. Using Integral, controllers, accountants, and fund managers have a simple, scalable way to streamline digital asset accounting, reporting, tax, and other financial workflows for assets held within and outside of Coinbase.

Integral plans to use the funds to provide Prime clients with data coverage for all of their assets and develop complementary solutions such as accounts receivable and accounts payable automations that further facilitate web3 business operations.

SOURCE Integral
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