SkyGrid's All-in-One Drone Application Lands on Android

SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, today announced the launch of SkyGrid Drone Central, a comprehensive application designed to automate every phase of flight in one unified solution. Now available for free on the Google Play Store for Android users, this launch follows the positive response to SkyGrid's iOS application, SkyGrid Flight Control.

SkyGrid's All-in-One Drone Application Lands on Android

Powered by SkyGrid's Aerial Operating System, AerialOS™, SkyGrid Drone Central is an all-in-one solution that allows drone operators to explore airspace, automate mission planning, and execute flights seamlessly, enabling safe, secure, and efficient operations. The free application continuously monitors and adapts to changing regulatory advisories, aircraft performance, and location information to safely enable a wide variety of drone operations.

"Our goal with SkyGrid Drone Central is to provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies and enhances operations of smaller aircraft at low altitudes," said Fabrice Kunzi, Chief Operating Officer at SkyGrid. "Following the successful launch of our iOS application, we're excited to expand our reach to Android users, making advanced drone operations accessible to a broader audience."

Key features of SkyGrid Drone Central include:

  • Airspace Awareness: Offering insights into airspace classes, no-fly zones, roadway traffic, population density, and relevant advisories empowering operators to make informed decisions before they fly.
  • Weather Intelligence: Providing real-time, hyper-local weather updates, including wind speed, temperature, visibility, and more, operators are given crucial insights that can influence flight decisions, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Flight Operations: Through an intuitive interface, users can define flight parameters to automatically generate diverse missions such as area exploration, waypoints, and multi-objective missions.
  • Autonomous Flight Execution: Operators can effortlessly connect drones and launch missions, performing predefined flight plans autonomously, making missions more streamlined and less labor-intensive.

In an age where the skies are becoming more populated with drones, having an intelligent, unified solution to check airspace, plan and execute flights, and gather insights is necessary. Recognizing this challenge, SkyGrid has minimized the burden on drone operators by creating one solution that gives operators the assurance they need to execute safe, compliant missions.

Download SkyGrid Drone Central in the Google Play Store today or visit the SkyGrid website for more information.

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