NOMVDIC Introduces P1000 4K UHD Home Projector

NOMVDIC, a leading innovator in home entertainment technology, is expanding its product line and introducing the P1000 4K UHD projector, designed to elevate home entertainment for movie lovers and gamers. The NOMVDIC P1000 4K UHD projector delivers true-to-life 4K images meeting 125% REC.709 color gamut at a brightness of 2300 ANSI lumens. Specifically engineered for gamers, the P1000 projector features high contrast, an ultra-low input lag of 4.2ms and AI image optimization techniques to ensure a consistent viewing experience. The P1000 is now available on NOMVDIC's Amazon store with a listing price of $1,699.

NOMVDIC Introduces P1000 4K UHD Home Projector

Captivating Cinematic Experience: 4K Visuals With 2300 ANSI Lumen Brightness and Exquisite Colors

NOMVDIC introduces the P1000 4K UHD projector, reimagining home entertainment for home theaters and gaming. The P1000 projector features 4K resolution with a brightness of 2300 ANSI lumens, enabling movie lovers to enjoy clear images even in well-lit environments without concerns about ambient lighting conditions. In terms of color performance, the P1000 projector achieves 125% REC.709 color gamut standard, surpassing most LED projectors on the market, resulting in vibrant and lifelike visuals for an exceptional viewing experience.

Gaming Immersion With P1000's Unrivaled Clarity, High Contrast & Industry Lowest 4.2ms Input Lag

Specifically designed for gamers, the P1000 4K UHD projector possesses outstanding clarity, contrast, and input latency performance. With its support for HDR10 and HLG, the P1000 utilizes the pioneering Texas Instruments 0.65-inch DMD chip to significantly enhance contrast ratio. It delivers outstanding contrast, rendering dark details with clarity to elevate the viewing experience. Designed specifically for gamers, the P1000 4K UHD projector offers the industry's lowest input lag of just 4.2 milliseconds, ensuring smooth and real-time gameplay.

P1000 Advanced Features for Optimal Viewing Experience: Auto H/V Keystone & Auto Focus

Furthermore, considering the demand for modern entertainment devices to be portable, the P1000 is equipped with hidden handle and features NOMVDIC's exclusive AI image optimization technique. These include auto vertical and horizontal keystone correction and auto focus, ensuring immediate recalibration and clarity when the projector is moved. Its 1.2x optical zoom feature, unlike traditional digital zoom, allows for projection size enlargement without compromising image resolution, providing greater flexibility in space utilization.

Key Features of NOMVDIC P1000 4K UHD Home Projector:

4K UHD high resolution & HDR10/HLG support
Vivid images with 2300 ANSI lumens brightness & 125% REC.709
Higher contrast ratio powered by 0.65" Texas Instruments DMD chip
Effortless setup with AiiO technology: auto focus, auto H/V keystone correction & 4 corner adjustment
Unmatched gaming experience with 4.2 ms low input lag under 1080p, 240hz.
Carry around your lifestyle with hidden handle

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