Wix Unveils AI Site Generator

Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, today announced its plans to launch the AI Site Generator, along with a suite of AI-powered capabilities, many of which are already available to users. These offerings equip Wix users with AI technology that significantly streamlines the entire website-building, design and management process, offering more automated tools to operationalize and grow their businesses with never-before-seen ease.

Wix Unveils AI Site Generator

"We are fully committed to bringing our users fully-integrated innovations, such as the AI Site Generator, that have excellent user experiences to ultimately drive forward the next generation of website creation," said Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO of Wix. "These new tools leverage the strength and dedication of our Data Science team, who have been leaders in integrating the power of AI and delivering it directly to Wix users. We're on the edge of something truly amazing, and we will keep advancing our offerings as AI technology progresses to enable users to grow their businesses and have success with more efficiency and creativity than ever before."

Features Coming Soon

AI Site Generator is a groundbreaking tool that enables Wix users to describe their intent and it instantly generates a professional and unique website. The tailor-made website is complete with a homepage and all inner pages with text, images, and any business solution including Stores, Bookings, Restaurants, Events and more. Users can continue to customize the site and edit based on their needs with integrated AI tools.
AI Assistant Tool for Managing your Business will suggest improvements for businesses and create individualized strategies based on analytics and site trends. It streamlines day-to-day tasks to help elevate business management to the next level.
AI Page and Section Creator will enable users to quickly add a new page or section to a website by describing their needs, and AI will generate the layout, design and text.
Object Eraser enables users to seamlessly extract subjects from images and manipulate them.

Available AI-Powered Features

Web Creation:AI Text Creator combines Wix's deep knowledge of site creation with ChatGPT to give users the ability to generate high-quality, personalized content for particular sections of a website including tailored titles, taglines and paragraphs.
AI Template Text Creator creates all the text for a new website. After choosing a ready-made template and inputting a brief description of the site, the tool generates unique textual content for the entire site, including the homepage and the inner pages.
AI Domain Generator helps users choose the perfect name for their brand from different options of unique, catchy, and relevant domain names.

Design:Alternative Layouts tool helps users redesign layouts within their website in a single click.
AI Image Creator enables users to simply describe the image they want and a unique image is generated.
Auto Background Removal and the Auto Enhance tools refine photos and upgrade their quality to match the look and feel sought for a website.
Auto-Generated Trailer tool quickly transforms video files into professional-looking trailers.

eCommerce:Product Descriptions make it simple to describe eCommerce products almost instantly.
Product Recommendations is used to present customers with relevant products they might be interested in purchasing to improve sales.

Read more from Abrahami's blog to users about the AI updates here.

SOURCE Wix.com Ltd.
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