The Drone Racing League and U.S. Air Force Elevate STEM Careers Through Expanded Partnership

The Drone Racing League (DRL), the global, premier, professional drone racing property, and the United States Air Force (USAF) announced today their expanded partnership for the seventh year in a row, making the U.S. Air Force the longest reigning DRL partner. Throughout the upcoming 2023-24 DRL Algorand World Championship Season, DRL and USAF will celebrate their shared mission to command the skies with the best technology, operational precision, and flight control.

The Drone Racing League and U.S. Air Force Elevate STEM Careers Through Expanded Partnership

For the first time, USAF will have an endorsement with a DRL Pilot, who will fly as the official U.S. Air Force Team Pilot and engage in special appearances with veterans and military families around DRL race events. USAF will also own the new U.S. Air Force DRL Flight Deck, the hub in which all of DRL's elite pilots fly, signaling their alignment with top flight performance and inspiring fans to also aim high.

"The world's best pilots fly in the U.S. Air Force and race in the Drone Racing League, and that's the magic of our partnership," explained DRL President Rachel Jacobson. "We put a spotlight on high performance through tech-driven competition, leveling up our fans with new, multifaceted STEM skills that are transferable across all industries, including entertainment, mobility and security."

With DRL fans over 30x more likely to engage with the Air Force on social channels and 80% more likely to work in technology than the general US population, USAF will also debut new educational programming with DRL. An inaugural U.S. Air Force DRL STEM Day will teach students and kids of military families how to develop new drone engineering and piloting skills and invite attendees to experience a DRL race, meet the U.S. Air Force Team Pilot, and see the U.S. Air Force DRL Flight Deck firsthand.

"Experiencing the Drone Racing League events is incredible! The competition is spectacular, the content is immersive and educational, and the league engages a coveted audience of young, high-energy Tech-Setters who have a passion for flight, innovation and technology. They are future U.S. Air Force recruits and airmen, and a core reason why we continue to renew our partnership with DRL year after year," said U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Christopher Amrhein.

The growing population of "Tech-Setters," 16-34 year olds who do not follow traditional sports, but love tech, gaming and futuristic competition like drone racing, have helped grow DRL's reach to 320 million households (up 30% from the prior race season). Last season, DRL race viewership increased to 260 million digital views worldwide (up 23% from the previous season) and the league's social media followers rose to 12 million (up 45% from the prior race season). DRL also saw a total 1 billion social video views throughout the year.

SOURCE Drone Racing League
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