SALT Lending & Luxor Introduce Innovative Treasury Management Solution for Bitcoin Miners

SALT Lending, a premier provider of cryptocurrency-backed loans, announces the launch of its revolutionary Treasury Management Solution. Designed to provide a safe and effective way for businesses to allocate assets for operational expenses while preserving their Bitcoin, this solution marks another innovative stride in the crypto industry.

SALT Lending & Luxor Introduce Innovative Treasury Management Solution for Bitcoin Miners

SALT's Treasury Management Solution presents a new avenue for businesses, including mining operations, to securely streamline their treasury management. With this tool, entities can safely hold their Bitcoin in institutional-grade storage while maintaining their operational expenses. This new approach enhances SALT's core service: facilitating loans backed by crypto assets.

A unique aspect of this innovative solution is SALT's new partnership with Luxor Mining Pool, enabling clients to reduce pool fees and allowing them to stack Sats in their SALT Bitcoin wallet. This approach helps to maintain more Bitcoin in a business's treasury while diversifying its hashrate.

SALT's Treasury Management Solution offers the advantage of autopilot loan setup with no hidden fees. This feature enables businesses to leverage their treasury to cover operational expenses and fund growth stages efficiently, mitigating key risks associated with borrowing such as loss of liquidity and tax consequences.

The solution addresses the downside risk of borrowing through SALT's novel Stabilization feature, preserving the upside liquidity provided by Bitcoin holdings. Once the Loan-to-Value (LTV) is restored to a safe zone, entities can strategically re-enter the market, thus increasing their potential to stack more Sats.

"With SALT's Treasury Management Solution, businesses no longer have to worry about selling their crypto to fund operations or make strategic investments. They can borrow from their own resources, optimizing financial operations and paving the way for potential growth," said Shawn Owen SALT's CEO.

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