Eleglide Unveils a New Electric MTB - M2: Taking Off-Road Riding to New Heights

Eleglide, a fast-growing e-bike manufacturer that has penetrated the EU market with its innovative products, has just entered a new chapter with the launch of the new MTB - M2.

Eleglide Unveils a New Electric MTB - M2: Taking Off-Road Riding to New Heights

Since its inception, Eleglide has developed a range of e-bikes, such as the rugged M1 mountain bikes, the versatile T1 trekking bikes, the sleek Citycrosser urban bike, and the powerful Tankroll fat bike. Its products have garnered widespread acclaim and won Eleglide a massive dedicated following. Now, with the introduction of the M2, Eleglide has embarked on an exciting new chapter, promising cyclists an unforgettable journey.

The Eleglide M2 has an aluminum fork that is lighter and stiffer than a steel fork, allowing the rider to accelerate faster and maintain a higher average speed, which is more suitable for performance-oriented riders.

It has a 15Ah battery capacity supporting a range of up to 125km in assist mode and a robust motor delivering 55Nm torque, making it a fantastic companion for longer, more exhilarating rides. To traverse hills with ease, the M2 boasts wider pneumatic tires.

Additionally, it comes with hydraulic disc brakes and hydraulic suspension. Hydraulic disc brakes offer better control and more braking effort and tend to last longer than traditional mechanical brakes. The hydraulic suspension with a lockout is more responsive than other suspension systems, enabling a smoother and firmer ride.

The M2 is a 24-speed bike with top-tier Shimano derailleurs, letting you revel in the thrill of variable speed. It features 3 front and 8 rear gears, providing a seamless riding experience.

To celebrate the launch of M2, Eleglide is excited to offer cycling enthusiasts a special offer. From July 11th to July 25th, the M2 is available for €849.99 only (€50 less than the regular retail price) on Eleglide's official website and its cooperative e-commerce platforms in the EU, including Geekbuying, Geekmaxi, Geekmall, and Geekbuying.pl. It will soon be available in the UK.

SOURCE Eleglide
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