The listing of the future is here: ShowingTime+ launches new, immersive listing experience on Zillow

Listing Showcase gives agents the tools to highlight a home's best features and give buyers a deep understanding of the home before they ever step inside. The entirely new artificial intelligence-powered Showcase listings feature high-resolution scrolling hero images, room-by-room photo organization, interactive floors plans and more. These listings combine the power of AI with the nuance of an agent's deep local expertise to create a premium experience for shoppers not found anywhere else – an experience that will only improve as new functionality and AI-enabled features become available in the coming months.

The listing of the future is here: ShowingTime+ launches new, immersive listing experience on Zillow

Showcase listings are designed to attract serious buyers and leverage AI to help sell homes faster. As the next generation of immersive home shopping experiences, every Showcase listing includes an interactive floor plan. Zillow research finds listings on Zillow that include an interactive floor plan receive 79% more saves than homes without, and are 10% more likely to go pending within 30 days.1

To build Showcase listings, AI selects hero images based on buyer preferences, associates listing photos with corresponding rooms in the interactive floor plan and room-by-room displays, and more. Agents can rely on AI for this step or use these selections as a starting point, allowing them full control over customizing the listing. Soon, listing agents will be able to select from AI-generated insights on which home facts and features matter most to home shoppers to help highlight the home's best features.

"Combining ShowingTime+'s best-in-class technology with Zillow's industry-leading audience allows us to create an unmatched listing experience for agents and sellers," said Mike Lane, vice president of ShowingTime+. "As soon as shoppers land on a Showcase listing, they'll be virtually transported into the home, giving them a deep understanding of the home's flow, architecture and design – all before visiting in person. Listing Showcase is the first of its kind – a listing experience that captivates shoppers, wows sellers, and gives agents a powerful tool to help them win more listings and grow their business."

Listing Showcase is an exclusive offering that is sold by subscription and only available to a select number of listing agents in each market. By working with a Listing Showcase agent, sellers' homes will appear higher in home shoppers' personalized search results as relevant, which is where the majority of shoppers begin their search.2

Listing Showcase will launch in most major markets throughout this year, along with new features and capabilities to continue elevating the Listing Showcase experience. Agents who are interested in hearing when Listing Showcase is launching in their market can join the waitlist on the ShowingTime+ website.

"Being a part of Listing Showcase is like having an online billboard for our brand and business," said Hedda Parashos, CEO of Palisade Realty in San Diego. "From 3D tours to drone photography, the Listing Showcase experience is truly unique and will make our clients' homes stand out from anything else on the market. The fact that we can do it all on one platform as a one-stop-shop makes it a no-brainer for our business. There's no doubt that being able to offer Listing Showcase to potential clients will help us win more listings and attract even more sellers who want an exclusive experience when selling their home."

Listing Showcase empowers agents to market themselves and their listings in the best way possible and contribute to a more dynamic real estate marketplace. The entire ShowingTime+ software suite helps agents and brokers operate their businesses more efficiently, win more customers and elevate the experience of buying and selling for their clients.

SOURCE ShowingTime+
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