Spout - The Revolution Begins

Introducing Spout's new consumer device which makes up to 2.5 gallons daily of pure alkaline drinking water from the air. Every gallon of water produced is clean, healthy, and replaces 12 16oz plastic water bottles.

Image of Spout Water Machine

Spout's small form factor features an elegant design from Fred Bould (Nest Thermostat) that elevates the aesthetic of any countertop. All it requires is a power outlet to work. Just plug it in and witness water… happen.

It's more affordable than long-term water delivery alternatives, more environmentally friendly than single-use water bottles, and cleaner than filtered tap water in many U.S. cities.

Spout is available for pre-order with a $99 deposit on May 8th. The first 500 pre-orders will receive 50% off of the retail price $799, and will become Founding Members of the Spout Community. Spout's Founding Members will receive exclusive deals, gifts and events for life.


SOURCE Spout Ventures, Inc.
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