ZLOS Unveils the World's Smallest 1240Wh Power Station

ZLOS has just introduced its new EKOBOX device which is the world's smallest 1240Wh portable electric power station. This lightweight powerhouse will change the way you think about technology forever by finally making it possible to take full control of your power usage from anywhere.

Image of ZLOS 1240Wh Power Station

The EKOBOX also boasts being the world's first fast-charging, portable power station that utilizes SG50 ports and is designed with market-leading LG cells. ZLOS General Manager, Jash Yang, has commented that "users will now have access to reliable power - both indoors and outside - with our compact, high-quality product."

Image of ZLOS 1240Wh Power Station

Image of ZLOS 1240Wh Power Station


The EKOBOX power station features a battery made up of 70 LG 21700 M50LT cells - giving it an impressive 1240Wh capacity. To make things more convenient, the device is also 15% smaller than any other power station with the same capacity and integrates ergonomic handles to make carrying it around so much easier. Jash Yang has also attested to the performance of the EKOBOX, stating that "the battery's superior quality allows it to retain 80% capacity after 1000 cycles."


The advanced EKOBOX can also power up to 12 devices simultaneously and has six different output types, which allows it to meet almost any power requirement. The 1200W-rated AC output ports are capable of powering appliances with a maximum surge power of 1800W - enough to run even power-hungry devices like induction cookers, hairdryers, and kettles. The SG50 port provides power for outdoor refrigerators, portable air conditioners, and camping equipment while the DC5521 and car port provides stable power to smaller devices, such as stereos, drones, car refrigerators, and more. The versatile USB ports ensure power supply for personal electronic devices while still recharging other items - including camping lanterns, mini desk fans, and multiple other devices.


The EKOBOX power station switches between fast charging, low-wattage charging, and solar charging mode seamlessly. With a maximum power of 800W, the product can be fully charged in just 1.8 hours - while competing power stations can take almost three to seven hours to reach a full battery. The EKOBOX allows you to charge it even in situations where electricity might be limited, such as campsites - all without jumping the switch when using the 400W AC input power in the low-wattage charging mode. Moreover, the 400W solar power input allows the device to be fully charged in only 3.5-5 hours through solar panels (which are not included) - effectively turning the EKOBOX into a fully-fledged solar generator.


The EKOBOX sports a stylish and practical design - with its stunning silver-gray, silicone port covers that are fireproof and water-resistant. The device also features the largest screen in its class to ensure direct access to critical information without the need to download additional apps. "The EKOBOX is useful even in dire situations," says Jash Yang while pointing out the device's large LED light that can easily illuminate the night while its SOS mode produces beeps reaching 70 decibels - allowing rescue teams to find your location faster. The EPS function of the EKOBOX also helps you in protecting the internal computer - ensuring you have a safe, stable, and reliable device for all your needs.


EKOBOX product will soon be available for purchase in several regions across the world.

- In Australia, the EKOBOX will be sold through a local distributor, starting from May 2023.
- Our authorized reseller PBtech will make the product available in New Zealand, also starting from May 2023.
- Customers in Korea can purchase the EKOBOX from Gobigs starting April 2023.
- In the US and Europe, the product will be available for purchase starting in June 2023.
- We are also excited to start our crowdfunding campaign in Japan with our partner, Earth Reborn Co., Ltd., on makuake, starting from May 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on how to purchase the EKOBOX in your region.

SOURCE ZLOS Technology
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