Meet the Best Hybrid All-terrain Electric Bike in 2023: Cyrusher Trax

In mid-February 2023, Cyrusher, the specialist e-bike manufacturer that is driving change in the e-bike industry, has an even bigger surprise for riders with the introduction of the Trax, a hybrid all-terrain e-bike with high performance parameters, designed with a unique aesthetic and powered by powerful performance components to provide riders with the most efficient option for outdoor travel.

Meet the Best Hybrid All-terrain Electric Bike in 2023: Cyrusher Trax

The more rider-friendly step-through frame structure of the Trax all-terrain e-bike allows it to fit riders with a wider range of body types. The adjustable saddle makes it accessible to all riders. To enhance the overall aesthetics of the bike, original customised graffiti was painted on the frame. The lightning bolt-like element of the graffiti design symbolises that Trax has an irrepressible force.

The 2023 Cyrusher Trax in detail

Powerful motor

The Trax is still powered by the powerful 750W Bafang motor which ensures a smooth ride even on rough terrains and especially on mountain trails. The Trax's powerful configuration makes it comparable to a mountain electric bike.

Extensive battery storage

The Trax is equipped with the largest 52V 20Ah battery in the category, giving the bike sufficient energy storage for long rides. Compared to Ovia's 52V 17Ah, Trax raises the battery specification standard for step-through e-bikes to 52V 20Ah. This means that it provides reliable power for rich rides and demonstrates Cyrusher's high standard that leads the way in long-distance travel. The detachable lithium battery has passed CE and Rohs tests to guarantee its reliability and safety.

Reliable shock absorption

The shock absorption system is what enables the electric cycle to provide a comfortable ride. A top-notch suspension system will alleviate most of the bumps on the road, allowing you to ride more safely and smoothly. The Trax is equipped with improved and upgraded rear air suspension. It replicates the powerful configuration of the Ranger and gives the bike even more power and offers greater comfort during the trip. Along with being an all-terrain electric bike that can be used on any road, the Trax's full suspension design gives riders even more options for riding styles.

Solid fat tyres

To provide better grip, the powerful Trax is equipped with puncture-resistant fat tyres. They are capable of navigating a variety of tough terrain because they offer better traction on the road. A fat tyre also provides some cushioning that absorbs road bumps, making the overall ride smoother when combined with the suspension. The Trax will, therefore, enable you to begin your trip in comfort, whether it is a road ride or a mountain climb.


The Trax is equipped with Shimano's 9-speed transmission system. This makes it simple to switch into high-speed mode for challenging hill climbs, giving the bike enough power to function effectively. While exercising on the bike, you can adjust the frequency of pedaling through the transmission system. It enables riders to adjust the speed mode more easily by pressing a button. Moreover, the pedal-assist-mode is useful to customise the rhythm of the ride.

Full-colour LED backlit display

With the full-colour back-lit display, you can clearly monitor your mileage, cycling data, remaining battery power and other information. The backlight design allows you to read the data clearly in dark riding conditions so you can ride more safely.

Safe hydraulic brakes

Mechanical brakes are less sensitive than hydraulic brakes and offer less braking power. The Trax has chosen premium hydraulic brakes from TLogan that increase road safety by allowing the bike to react quicker to dangerous circumstances and shorten skidding distances.

Application scenarios

Trax is an all-terrain bike that is capable of exploring a wide range of terrains. For urban riding conditions, the Trax offers better riding efficiency, helping commuters save time and money. Thrilling mountain rides are more enjoyable for mountain bikers. Using the powerful Trax in high-speed mode, riders can climb the mountain more easily. Whether you're out in cold snowy weather or ready to go to a sandy beach to watch the waves, the Trax can carry you through life's endless excitement.

What makes the Trax so unique as a newly launched electric bike?

Powerful and outstanding performance

First and foremost, strong performance heralds the Trax as a powerful addition to the Cyrusher category. It has been produced to offer more riders a choice of better-quality models. Equipped with high-quality components, it gives people freedom to explore different riding scenarios and to experience the colourful pleasures of life. The Trax is designed to ensure a comfortable riding experience and safe riding conditions, for example, with hydraulic brakes that are more forcibly powered. In addition, it has LED lights at the front and rear which allow you to be noticed in dark conditions and expand your view of the road ahead.

Inclusive frame

Its overall frame structure is constructed of 6061 aluminum frame material. Combined with full suspension, this enhances overall riding stability and durability. The frame provides a certain amount of cushioning to enhance the comfort of the ride. The entire frame has step-through construction which makes it easy for riders to get on and off the bike and makes it a very friendly model for riders with leg problems.

User-friendly frame design

The electric road bike craze is sweeping the market but what sets the Trax apart from the rest is its striking frame design. The bright colour options, with its original graffiti design, and the inner tube design that matches the body colour, make it stand out in a market of similar designs and offers an innovative mix of colour aesthetics. As the Trax is available in four colour options (orange, blue, white and gray), it is also very appealing to riders who prefer a more uniform colour scheme.

Reliable after-sales warranty

Whether a product will stand up to scrutiny depends on its warranty and Trax offers a two-year warranty. This gives more customers the assurance of a worry-free ride after purchase. An electric assist bike is a means of transport that requires a high level of quality and Trax's high-end powerful performance will make it an excellent option for customers.

An environmentally friendly warrior

As well as being a powerful all-terrain e-bike that meets the daily needs of riders, Trax is also an environmentally friendly warrior in reducing carbon emissions. Trax is capable of replacing cars for short daily trips thus reducing the demand for petrochemical fuel and helping to lower carbon emissions and recycle clean energy. It can be used in multiple scenarios and for environmental enthusiasts, it is certainly a worthwhile choice.

Price point

The Trax is priced at $2799. After comparing the parameters of Trax with other models, this is a great value for money option. Trax brings convenience to your life while helping you to lead a positive lifestyle. If you are interested in Trax, you can read more information on the official website.

SOURCE Cyrusher
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