Casio will release a new EDIFICE that incorporates design cues from the NISMO Ace racing car

The newest timepiece in the EDIFICE line from Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has just been released, and it is based on the company's "Speed and Intelligence" brand strategy. The NISMO MY23 EDITION of the ECB-2000NIS, which stands for "Model Year 2023," is covered in graphics from the winning race car of the NISMO works team.

Casio will release a new EDIFICE that incorporates design cues from the NISMO Ace racing car

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.'s works squad, NISMO, competes in motorsport events. From 2021, the EDIFICE brand of high-performance watches has backed NISMO. It was inspired by the world of motorsports. The two companies are perfect allies because they both have a desire for using cutting-edge technology to get the best results.

The brand-new ECB-2000NIS is a high-performance chronograph that borrows styling cues from the #23 Nissan Z race car driven by the NISMO works team in Japan's most prestigious motorsport event, the SUPER GT.

The new watch is based on the EDIFICE ECB-2000, which features a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and a unique race car suspension-inspired design. Modeled after the color scheme of the race car as viewed from the side, the entire watch features a two-tone shift from red in the 12 o'clock direction to black in the 6 o'clock direction. A graphic pattern interlacing with the "Z" logo appearing on the car is incorporated into the dial design in the upper section. The number of the Nissan/NISMO ace car, "23," adorns the 23-minute position. A section of the bezel's edge is tapered to create a sharp curved-line form inspired by the roofline of the car, which evokes the look of a Japanese sword. Such elements from the body of the car are expressed in multiple aspects of the watch design.

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