KONKA Debuts 27-Inch Cordless Smart Monitor

KONKA Group Co., Ltd., a leading technology company, announced that the Company has launched MOVEVISION, its latest 27-inch cordless smart monitor in Japan, which has now gone on sale through the national agent GRT. The launch marks the global debut of the home entertainment powerhouse packed with an outstanding display, long-lasting battery capacity and versatile smart features in a lightweight, minimalist structure that allow users to enjoy their daily fix for digital content anywhere, anytime.

KONKA Debuts 27-Inch Cordless Smart Monitor

Thinking beyond the conventional concepts, the KONKA designers created a smart monitor that's not tied down to a power outlet. It is mounted on a wheeled stand which allows the users to adjust the height, angle and location of the screen, pushing the boundary of traditional home entertainment devices which are often associated with bulkiness and inflexibility.

MOVEVISION is equipped with an Android 11 system and supports mainstream video and music streaming apps that are free to download from the Google Play store. The battery allows for four to six hours of video playback, coupled with a streamlined UI design that makes app navigation and operation extremely easy and intuitive. MOVEVISION is also an all-in-one office solution for business presentations and videoconferencing, turning any meeting room into an inclusive and productive collaboration workplace thanks to its mobility, superior audio-visual quality, and versatile capabilities.

In addition to MOVEVISION, KONKA has also introduced its bezel-less 680 TV series (without tuner) to the Japanese market, which is now available for purchase through Suruga's online and offline stores. With new offerings, KONKA aims to provide Japanese consumers with the best home entertainment solutions.

For more information, please visit www.konkaglobal.com and http://konka.co.jp/.

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