EARTH+KIN launches the e+kMULE All Terrain Wagon

Boston based outdoor company EARTH+KIN announces it's official release of the e+kMULE All Terrain Wagon. The e+kMULE is a new generation of all terrain wagon for cyclists and adventure-seeking enthusiasts. What set's the e+kMULE apart from other wagons is its ability to be used by hand, by bike and by car, making it the most versatile wagon of its kind on the market, the result of years of development which were recently granted patent approval by USPTO.

EARTH+KIN launches the e+kMULE All Terrain Wagon


Bike it.
It's a bike trailer. The e+kMULE offers quick release attachments for e-bikes and regular bicycles, allowing cyclists to haul 100 lbs. of cargo to their destination, plus allowing them to bring their load from their bike to their doorstep.

Drive it.
It's an automotive cargo trailer. The e+kMULE attaches to both 2" and 1.25" automotive hitches with the help of it's secondary wheel system, dubbed "Dual Axle Technology," included in its utility patent.

Pull it.
It's a wagon. Oversized pneumatic wheels roll over nearly any terrain.


Built with hardened 6000 series aircraft grade aluminum, zero single use plastic, and the desire to never hear: "Dad can you fix this?" again. This thing is a beast. It has no moving parts (well, wheel bearings and wheels), interchangeable and removable roll bars, 100% Recycled, GRS Certified fabrics and surprising attention to detail. When a $.05 plastic nub would suffice, EARTH+KIN opted for an exponentially more expensive custom CNC'd aluminum attachment point that can be replaced if needed.

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