Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV

Bowlus, the world leader in performance luxury recreation vehicles, today announced the introduction of a new model, the Heritage Edition. The Heritage will be Bowlus' most accessible offering and will feature a unique mill finish exterior, a custom Granite Ridge interior, and the recognizable electric off-grid power that Bowlus' clients have grown to know and love. The new model will also be the world's lightest full-size travel trailer in production at a base weight of only 2,900 lbs. These unique attributes make the Heritage Edition the next chapter of the Bowlus story, implementing design cues of the past to inform the brand's future.

Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV

"The Heritage Edition maintains the ultra-high quality of all Bowlus models, but with the enhanced flexibility of a more streamlined starting point," said Geneva Long, Founder and CEO of Bowlus. "This offering will give aspiring Bowlus owners who prefer a scalable assortment of premium options, such as extra battery power, the ability to own a Bowlus that better suits their vision of luxury land travel."

Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV

With roots dating back to 1934, Bowlus' unique Streamline Moderne design has been reimagined with modern technology for the 21st Century, including optional solar power, internet connectivity, and as-standard luxurious spa-like en-suite features and premium bedroom and dining areas. Bowlus has a history of industry firsts as the world's first aluminum-riveted travel trailer and will continue to add innovation in support of the brand's mission to elevate and enhance the luxury traveler's experience.

The introduction of the Heritage Edition will also unify Bowlus' product portfolio into three models, which will now include the Heritage Edition, the Terra Firma Edition, and the top-of-the-line, all-electric, Volterra Edition.


Bowlus is the original manifestation of freedom, technology, and design, and the Heritage is the definition of accessible luxury that ensures adventures as original as you are.

The new Heritage is Bowlus-designed and engineered as the ultimate in ultralight land travel, with superior comfort and performance features. It features the signature Bowlus shape with a riveted aluminum exterior and monocoque construction like that of an aircraft or high-end super car.

What differentiates the Heritage Edition exterior is a satin silver exterior finish being called "mill finish," unique to this model and an homage to the original look and feel of the Bowlus of the 1930s. Owners and bystanders will be awestruck by the classic matte finish as the travel-trailer glides down the open highway or rests in your oasis of choice.

Additionally for the first time, Bowlus is offering a wrap option which allows owners to customize their Bowlus in Matte Black and Satin Grey.

At only 2,900 lbs. base weight, the ultra-light Heritage Edition is also the world's lightest full-size travel trailer in production. Combining this extremely ultra-light design with incredible aerodynamics makes the Heritage the perfect companion for the widest array of SUVs, crossovers, and electric vehicles (EVs), while still providing 600 lbs. of carrying capacity. The expected EV range is over 80%, similar to the Bowlus Terra Firma and Volterra models.

Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV

Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV


The Heritage Edition comes standard with a 2 kWh battery which provides powerful off-grid electricity for clients interested in week-long getaways to far-flung destinations. Several unique technology packages will be available for the Heritage.

Power Package I comes with the addition of a 2 kWh (4 kWh total) battery, a 2,000W inverter upgrade, solar power, ready-for-portable solar panels, bluetooth power monitoring, and off-grid air conditioning for up to 4 hours. For those interested in even longer off-grid adventures, Power Package II comes with a 3,000W inverter upgrade, an additional 4 kWh (6 kWH total) battery, a touchscreen power panel, ready-for-portable solar panels and bluetooth & remote power monitoring. Additionally in the second package is remote temperature monitoring, PowerBoost, and off-grid air conditioning for up to 8 hours. Power Package II allows for off-grid living with electricity for up to one-and-a-half weeks.

Finally, an optional Technology Package is available with Power Package I or II, and includes a cell booster, a 5G router, Starlink ready internet, backup camera, and bedroom and living room tablet mounts.

For clients' convenience, custom orders for brake controllers and solar panels are also available.


With the release of each new Bowlus model comes a custom interior designed to reflect a new narrative of luxury land travel adventure. The Heritage Edition is no different.

New for 2023 the Heritage Edition will feature the Granite Ridge color palette. This is a welcoming palette that resonates light to create a zen-like space, with interior walls in anodized aluminum to commemorate Bowlus as the first to use aluminum in a travel trailer/RV in 1934. The floors of the Granite Ridge interior are in a high-wearing Bay Fog offering, with seating in Stone color.

The dining area and sofa convert to twin beds to sleep four in comfort. Bowlus' signature hotel style en-suite comes with a master bed in King size – the largest bed available. Additionally, for clients' convenience, custom orders are available to secure sumptuous bedding and outdoor awnings.

Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV

Bowlus Expands Product Lineup for 2023 With Heritage Edition Luxury RV


Length: 27 ft. 1 in.
Width: 80 in.
Exterior Height: 8 ft. 6 in.
Interior Height: 6 ft. 4 in.
Base Weight: 2,900 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 3,500 lbs.

Pricing for the Heritage Edition will begin at an MSRP of $159,000. Orders are currently being accepted at

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