HitPaw Photo Enhancer App V1.0.0 Releases: An Incredible AI Face Enhancer and Photo Animator

HitPaw has newly released HitPaw Photo Enhancer App V1.0.0 which has been improved with an advanced AI algorithm to help you directly enhance the photos shot on your Android device. It has several AI tools to beautify your photos: a face-repairing tool to upscale and unblur your portraits, and use a colorizing tool to fix your old photos and make them brand new again. The most interesting tool is the stylization tool, you can use it to transform your portrait into a 3D or Japanese-style drawing. Use HitPaw and immediately make your photos look better.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer App V1.0.0 Releases: An Incredible AI Face Enhancer and Photo Animator

Let's dive into the features of the application.

  • AI Photo Enhancer to One-click Enhance
  • With the latest AI technology, HitPaw can one-click auto-enhance and upscale your photo with no quality loss. Just upload the photo, and then click repair, HitPaw can help you do all the rest of the things. Repair every detail for your face perfection
  • When taking a selfie, you may want to retouch your portrait and make yourself look in perfect condition. Work as a wonderful blemish remover and wrinkle remover, it can fix your facial imperfection naturally.Animate Your Photo to Cartoon/3D/hand-painting
  • Try to animate your portrait and get a cute profile photo! Whatever the Japanese animation style, 3D style, pencil drawing style, or hand-painted style, HitPaw can always give you the best result.Colorize and Fix Black & White Photo
  • HitPaw's ability to restore old photos will let you feel traveling in a time machine. It's very capable and fast to process your black & white photos and paint them into colorful and vivid ones. You can definitely trust HitPaw when using it to bring old photos alive.

Compatibility and Price

HitPaw Photo Enhancer App is now compatible with Android 5.0 and above. The pricing starts from $6.99 USD for 240 coins.

For more price checking and information, you can visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details id=com.hitpaw.photo.enhancer

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