Zendo Announces a Meditation Boosting Headband

Bodhi NeuroTech (DBA Zendo), a technology startup based in Charleston, South Carolina is announcing its newest wearable device for mental wellness – the Zendo meditation headband. Building upon the success of a public beta, which sold out of the first generation Zendo systems and saw over 12,000 completed sessions worldwide, the next generation system is now being announced for an anticipated launch in 2023.

Zendo Announces a Meditation Boosting Headband

The next generation wireless Zendo headset and companion app are creating a new segment within the wellness space. Unlike meditation apps which provide guided content, Zendo is a meditation activator designed to make meditation easier. By delivering gentle neurostimulation to the areas of the brain associated with expert meditation practice, Zendo can boost meditation effects and provide an on-demand meditation experience without the time or practice commitment. In double-blind studies, the Zendo team has scientifically proven the technology to be 2.5X more effective than guided meditation in a single 20-minute session. Additionally, the Zendo app will incorporate unique meditation training and content to support Zendo users in their journey.

"Meditation is hard – it takes time, dedication, and practice," said Bashar Badran, PhD, neuroscientist, and Co-Founder of Zendo. "Zendo reduces that meditation learning curve, making it easier and helps people rapidly experience a deep sense of calm with little effort."

Currently, the only way to purchase Zendo is by signing up for the waitlist on the Zendo website. Additionally, there are limited pop-up events happening in Charleston, South Carolina in partnership with Still Soul Studio. Meditation groups from across the country can request a pop-up event by directly contacting Zendo by email.

"As a meditator with a 29-year practice, Zendo has enabled me to access deeper states of mind that were previously inaccessible without intense effort and practice," said Baron Short, MD, physician and Co-Founder of Zendo. "I wish I had Zendo when I was beginning my journey and am excited for people to try it and experience the profound benefits of this technology."

Website: www.ZendoMeditation.com

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