Sony Electronics Unlocks In-camera Forgery Detection Technology

Today, Sony Electronics Inc. announces, for the first time in the United States and Canada, its in-camera photo forgery detection technology for Alpha 7 IV cameras designed for professional needs i. Using digital signatures processed at image capture and a verification server developed by the customerii, Sony's technology can detect any modification to an image, thus helping to protect images from forgery and fraudulent usage.

Sony Electronics Unlocks In-camera Forgery Detection Technology

Following widespread issues with unauthorized editing and misconduct around digital photo data, Sony has developed forgery detection technology. Based on standard cryptography, this technology allows professional customers to identify if images have been altered or manipulated. This is particularly applicable where image authentication is important, for example, with passports and identity verification, tackling image manipulation in the media, and in medical and law enforcement. For the insurance and construction industries, this feature will offer a secure tool for the authentic documentation of damage.

With Sony's in-camera Digital Signature activatedi, images are cryptographically signed by the camera processor with a unique digital signature upon image capture.iii The user can then upload the images to a verification serverii wherein the image's digital signature can be verified. Any pixel modification, tampering or editing of any kind will cancel the image's digital signature. The recipient, using the verification server, will be able to verify whether the image is authentic or a forgery.

"Sony is dedicated to empowering professionals to document history with cutting-edge imaging technology. We know how important authenticity is to photographers and the companies they work with, and this new in-camera digital signature is an important first step toward allowing our customers to detect image manipulation and forgery across multiple industries," said Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. "While appropriate adaptations for each industry need to be made, the digital signature is multilingual and can be used internationally, enabling organizations worldwide to streamline mandatory image digital signatures with Sony technology."

Initially launching with the Alpha 7 IV, Sony plans to expand the line-up of supported cameras in the future. In tandem, Sony will continue to examine how to utilize this industry-leading imaging technology to drive enhanced security in various fields.

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SOURCE Sony Electronics, Inc.
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