Popularity of MUZEN Wild Mini Speakers Grows as US Outdoor Activity Participation Rises

MUZEN AUDIO, an audio technology innovator and purveyor of radio culture, has observed an increase in interest in retro-inspired outdoor gadgets, as shown by a rise in inquiries and orders for its Wild Mini Rugged Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Popularity of MUZEN Wild Mini Speakers Grows as US Outdoor Activity Participation Rises

"It is reported that nearly half of adults from across the United States now participate in outdoor recreation on at least a monthly basis. We believe that people's strengthened willingness of going to nature has changed their interest in the selection of outdoor products and led them to MUZEN AUDIO for exclusive experiences," said Mr. Dejun Zeng, CEO of MUZEN AUDIO.

Due to its hardcore external design style, the MUZEN Wild Mini Speaker has amazed many and has been recognized as fierce and wild. It is made for outdoor explorers and features a retro military style. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since its introduction in March 2021, with one user commenting that it is "very well made and extremely loud for such a little speaker." Moreover, other states that "It's a lovely and really astonishingly tiny yet hefty device. The design, detail and manufacturing quality are delightful." The MUZEN Wild Mini Speaker is now the top-selling item among all MUZEN AUDIO products.

The MUZEN Wild Mini Speaker, available in three different color options - gray, green, and yellow, is a military-grade speaker equipped with a rugged body and extraordinary details. The body has an all-metal case and is coated using three surface processes of metal baking paint, giving it a high-grade matte metal texture. With the addition of metal knurled knobs, this handy device's wild and hardcore exterior design style distinguishes it from the traditional aesthetics of speakers. So far, it has won several design awards including the iF Design Award 2021, Singapore Good Design 2021, and Golden Pin Design Award 2020, to name a few.

Due to its compact and lightweight design, the Wild Mini Speaker is suitable for any outdoor activity such as camping, rafting, or hiking. Users can casually attach it to their bags while on the go. It is built for extra durability and reliability with IPX5 water resistance, three outdoor flashlight modes, 8 hours of battery life, and a high-quality stereo speaker, making it an ideal companion for climbing mountains and walking through the dark on the go.

The MUZEN Wild Mini Speaker is part of the brand's goal of transforming the way people experience radio and music. Since its creation in 2015 by Mr. Dejun Zeng, a passionate and dedicated radio technologist known as the "Father of the Tube Amplifier," MUZEN AUDIO has expertly merged its distinctive vintage designs with contemporary audio technology in a palm-sized body that delivers incredibly powerful sound. The brand's first offering, the MUZEN On the Road (OTR) series, was handcrafted by expert craftsmen and went through 27 stages, combining superb craftsmanship with cutting-edge modern technology. The MUZEN Wild Mini Speakers have upheld the spirit of craftsmanship and design philosophy, garnering dedicated admirers with exquisite design and artistry.

Guided by its vision to bridge the past to the future, MUZEN AUDIO continues to bring customers worldwide portable and retro-inspired mini speakers crafted with top-of-the-line quality and innovative audio technology. The move into North America has served as a springboard from which MUZEN AUDIO expanded its retail networks into ten other markets. So far it has established over 2,400 physical stores in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

For more information, please visit: https://muzenaudio.com/ or https://www.amazon.com/muzen.

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