[0] Presents the ØRB System: The first interoperable Metaverse device for 360 spatial content streaming

[0] (0.xyz), Metaverse Innovation Lab & IP company with a mandate to "Build a Better Metaverse," will be launching their first Metaverse product, the "ØRB" System (pronounced "orb"), an interoperable, content streaming device in which users can immerse themselves in 360, spatialized content.

[0] Presents the ØRB System: The first interoperable Metaverse device for 360 spatial content streaming

The genesis ØRB device is designed by celebrated German luxury car designer Alex Dang and supported by the [0] founding team. The ØRB product launches on Saturday, November 12th, as a numbered open edition of NFTs. The first 2,500 ØRBs will receive an airdropped 360° immersive experience NFT created by Metaverse artist and [0] Co-Founder Krista Kim.

"What the iPod was to the birth of the internet (Web1), the ØRB System will be to Web3."

- Peter Martin (CEO & Co-Founder)

"ØRB system" is the first-ever all-in-one interoperable content streaming system for the Open Metaverse. ØRB System lets owners stream 360 experiential NFT content of art, music, and VR streaming libraries. Producing transformative, immersive digital experiences is core to [0]'s founding values.

In the near future, the ØRB device will enable its owner to move between existing Metaverse platforms, helping facilitate an Open Metaverse, one of [0]'s core values. The ØRB is a GLB file format, which enables interoperability across Metaverse platforms. At launch, content streaming will work within Webaverse.

"Interoperability around identity and self-expression via assets like avatars, wearables, or even vehicles are fundamental for an open metaverse. By building on that front, we can help to prevent the Metaverse from becoming a dystopic reality."

- Rene Schmidt, Co-founder of Qwellcode & [0] Production partnerThe ØRB Genesis product launch will be a numbered open edition, sold for 0.33 ETH through a dedicated microsite: www.0rbsystem.xyz

Through Q1 of 2023, [0] will be rolling out the programming of 360 spatial experiences for the ØRB, produced in collaboration with leading artists, thought leaders and brands.

"The ØRB System is the first immersive virtual machine where anyone can control their experiences and become a master of their Metaverse. Multiverse mobility and the advent of a new category of 360 art begins here."

- Krista Kim (Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder)

Users can sign up at www.0rbsystem.xyz in advance for the ØRB product launch. The ØRB will be 0.33 ETH and goes live at noon EST on Saturday, November 12th, 2022.

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