Meepo Launches Long-Range Electric Skateboard with the Voyager X

Meepo, one of the best electric skateboard brands that produce reliable eBoards has launched the best electric skate board they've developed so far, the Meepo Voyager X. It has the most torque and the longest range amongst its competitors making it an ideal electric skateboard for people who want to ride an eskateboard during their daily commute to work, or who like to go out for all-day adventures on the weekend. The flexible deck, combined with the squishy wheels and sponge bushings, make for the most comfortable ride experience you'll ever have on an electric skateboard, so you'll be able to ride all day long.

Meepo Launches Long-Range Electric Skateboard with the Voyager X

Meepo uses cutting edge technology inside its electric skateboards to provide riders with the best experience possible. The Voyager X is equipped with Samsung 40T cells and controlled by a LYFOC ESC and smart remote to ensure performance without compromising on safety.

The Meepo Voyager X pairs perfectly with Meepo's Cyclone 110 mm rubber wheels to make this electric skateboard all terrain compatible. With these off-road tires, you can ride on sand, gravel, and grass effortlessly, and they make uneven concrete roads feel like smooth surfaces. Now, you really can ride anywhere and everywhere.

After years of research, development and testing, the Meepo Voyager X is finally available around the world for you to get your hands (or feet) on today.

Meepo Voyager X's main benefits and specifications:
  • Get where you're going fast with dual 2,775W belt-drive motors powerful enough to hit speeds up to 40 mph / 64 kmh
  • Travel further and explore more with a huge 518.4Wh battery capable of getting a range of 36 miles / 58 km
  • Take on any hill with the ability to climb hills up to 46% hill grade
  • Control the board with ease and confidence thanks to the smooth and reliable LYFOC ESC and smart remote
  • Make the deck suit your riding style with the ability to customize the wheels

The Meepo Voyager X has been well received in the eskate industry, with many experts and influencers praising the eboard. It even topped the list of eSkate Hub's Best Electric Skateboards at launch, and doesn't look like it will be knocked off top spot for a very long time.

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