HitPaw Brings The Mac Version of Video Enhancer to Improve the Video Quality

HitPaw, a company provides the best digital creation tools, today releases the video enhancement software - HitPaw Video Enhancer Mac. Utilizing artificial intelligence, HitPaw Video Enhancer Mac upscales videos automatically for a variety of uses and provides a novel way to lessen noise, pixels, and overexposure brought on by subpar cameras and poor lighting. HitPaw Video Enhancer Mac provides three popular models, including General Denoise Model, Animation Model, and Face Model. HitPaw Video Enhancer will automatically make the identical modifications that professional editors would do. All modifications will also be included right into the rendering pipeline.

HitPaw Brings The Mac Version of Video Enhancer to Improve the Video Quality

General Denoise Model

Each pixel in films shot with low-quality, low-light cameras will have very little light, increasing blurriness and clarity. HitPaw Video Enhancer Mac is able to provide a clean and bright result by lighting each pixel up in the video using the General Denoise Model.

Animation Model

There are a bunch of timeless and unbeatable anime videos that are becoming hazy and colorless with the advancement in resolution. The goal of Animation Model is to fix anime videos by sharpening and coloring the anime characters to make them appear more realistic and lively on high-quality screens.

Face Model

In general, and especially for a novice or green hand, adjusting portrait characteristics in films is more difficult and time-consuming than in photos. HitPaw Video Enhancer Mac can modify the brightness, color saturation, and contrast of the portraits in every frame by learning from a vast number of samples.

Apart from three AI Model, HitPaw Video Enhancer Mac also supports:

  • More than 30 video formats, including MP4, AVI, RMVB, and MKV
  • Up to 4K exported resolution
  • Batch processing
  • MP4 and MOV format exported

ity and Price

HitPaw Video Enhancer is now compatible with Mac OS 10.15 & above and Windows 11/10(64-bit OS). The price of Mac version starts from $59.99 USD for a monthly plan. For more price checking and information, you can visit https://www.hitpaw.com/purchase/buy-hitpaw-video-enhancer-mac.html

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