Designer Home Tours Launches Second Season After Reaching Over 1M Views in First 100 Days

'Designer Home Tours', the YouTube media brand that gives an inside look into the luxury design world launches its second season today, September 16th, 2022. The channel hit 1M views across its videos in the first 100 days and the second season will debut the company's first brand partnerships with companies including The Rug Company and Artistic Tile.

Designer Home Tours Launches Second Season After Reaching Over 1M Views in First 100 Days

A variety of geographies and property types will be toured through Season Two; ranging from beach houses in New Jersey and the Hamptons to family homes in Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco. Designers include the industry's marquee names such as Vicente Wolf, Sasha Bikoff, Brian Paquette, WorkshopAPD and Ghislaine Viñas and are designed for audiences interested in learning more about the thought, ideas and problem solving that goes into creating a well designed home. Christina Kim, a designer in New Jersey will tour a beach house for the launch episode today, and additional episodes will launch each week for the following 12 weeks.

This new media opportunity has proved a powerful one for brands, who are interested in utilizing video but see little opportunity in the editorial space. While the series has been exclusively shot on an iPhone, the company invests in professional editors overseen by Executive Producer Ammar Shallal, and has launched strategic YouTube workshops for brands looking to create content that performs on the channel.

"The pace of Designer Home Tours' growth has been impressive to see, and it speaks to the quality of the content and to the public's thirst for this type of programming. It's a natural fit for Artistic Tile, and just the sort of authentic platform we are seeking in our advertising," said Michael Epstein, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Artistic Tile.

"We were happy to see the success of Season One and are excited to continue to explore what great content looks like in the design space - that includes more episodes focused on brands and their stories as well as showhouses" says Laura Bindloss, founder of Designer Home tours and New York based public relations and social media agency, Nylon Consulting.

The series will release episodes weekly.

SOURCE Designer Home Tours
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