Y Combinator alumni raises $2.5M pre-seed to build ILUMA, the 'Superhuman of web3'

ILUMA raised $2.5M in pre-seed funding led by Acrew Capital to build the 'Superhuman of web3' with its AI-powered inbox and platform for DAO builders to power the future decacorns of web3. It is currently powering Orange DAO - 1,200+ Y Combinator founders with a $50M web3 investment fund.

Y Combinator alumni raises $2.5M pre-seed to build ILUMA, the 'Superhuman of web3'

ILUMA raised a $2.5 million pre-seed round led by Acrew Capital, with participation from HiveHatch and Orange DAO, among other leading web3 investors. It is currently powering Orange DAO - one of the leading communities building the future of web3 - with 1,200+ Y Combinator founders and a $50M web3 investment fund.

The company is founded by Y Combinator alum and AI leader, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya. With 20+ years of experience building powerful networks and communities, Ricardo is also the founder of the YCombinator Alumni group (4,000+ top tech founders and $600B in valuations), and the group of the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders ($16B in founder exits and $120B to invest). He raised $7M for his previous company, backed by Y Combinator, that focused on conversational AI software. He is currently serving his second term as a Governance committee member of the Orange DAO.

"As a founding Governance member of Orange DAO, it has become very clear that due to the decentralized nature of DAOs, the single biggest determinant of success is effectively capturing and synthesizing the myriad of conversations, discussions and activity happening at any point in time in the DAO, and sharing it with members as easily digestible, valuable insights to ensure informed decision-making." explains ILUMA's founder and CEO Ricardo Garcia-Amaya.

ILUMA is solving one of the biggest pain points of web3 communities and DAOs: members and leaders spend valuable time sifting through information that's buried in a sea of chatter and documentation spread across different communication platforms, documentation sites and databases. New projects and proposals are created every day, information moves fast, leaders change periodically and new members join daily.

Using powerful AI, ILUMA, provides DAO and web3 community leaders and members with the 'superhuman' ability to stay up-to-date and get through hundreds of conversations in minutes, and contribute back to relevant discussions as they occur. Its self-learning core captures and sorts the most critical DAO data, building the institutional knowledge center of the DAO. With it, leaders can create a well-rounded onboarding experience, easily understand where members best fit in the DAO and create opportunities for members to get involved and contribute effectively.

ILUMA is currently offering invite-only access and will be raising a seed round later this year.

To learn more or sign up to their waitlist, visit www.iluma.xyz

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