Infinite Reality Launches Global Metaverse Hub in Luxembourg

Infinite Reality (iR), the Metaverse entertainment and innovation company, announced today a strategic relationship with the University of Luxembourg's Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) to introduce a global, open metaverse, from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This is a significant piece of the company's European expansion plans.

Infinite Reality Launches Global Metaverse Hub in Luxembourg


Benefitting from the Grand Duchy's digital capacities and the country's wide range of business support, this initiative, which is supported by Luxembourg's national innovation agency Luxinnovation, seeks to secure Luxembourg as the center of Metaverse innovation in Europe. Inline with its forward-looking approach, the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy strives to seize the latest technological developments to achieve the digital economy of tomorrow.

Led by Infinite Reality, this bold global initiative will develop a Metaverse experience where creators have the ultimate control over their own monetization potential. With this initiative, iR is set to become the first user-friendly Metaverse that empowers the individuals on the platform by giving them direct access to potential brand partners. This open Metaverse will allow major global brands, start-ups, local communities, universities, and cutting-edge research centers, to use the platform freely, fostering innovation, creation, and global responsibility.

As a first initiative in Luxembourg, iR intends to work with SnT to offer a Metaverse sandbox that can be used by local organizations to explore this disruptive technology. For this Metaverse sandbox, the project will build a digital twin of an area of Luxembourg City that companies and public actors can explore, looking for multiple working opportunities. In addition, these potential partners would have the opportunity to create their own digital twins for specific metaverse experiments with high-level support and resources from both iR and SnT.

"Infinite Reality has a bold vision for a future with an open Metaverse, and strong relationships with like-minded strategic partners in Luxembourg will be the key to our success. We have a shared interest in using digital innovation to enhance daily life and sustainable development, which we can do by transforming Metaverse creation and innovation in Europe," says John Acunto, co-founder and CEO of Infinite Reality.

"The Metaverse is full of potential, and we are eager to tackle the technical research challenges together with iR to make the open Metaverse a reality. We are pleased to act as strategic research partners as iR builds up their operation in Europe from Luxembourg," said Prof. Björn Ottersten, director of SnT.

iR CEO John Acunto presented insights into the transformative effect Metaverse will have on our daily lives as a keynote speaker at the ICT Spring Global Tech Conference in Luxembourg.
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