How Can Companies Build Expertise in Automotive Software Development

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. The revolution doesn't focus on performance, hardware, design, and other legacy industry standards anymore. Nowadays, the competitive advantage in the automotive world belongs to these automotive companies that specialize in software development processes, advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving, electric vehicles, continuous improvement, shared mobility, and connected cars. 

How Can Companies Build Expertise in Automotive Software Development

Top industry players build outstanding software engineering teams proficient in automotive software development, software architecture, robust cloud infrastructure, AI-based software, machine learning, Big Data, and best practices in delivering production-grade software products.

While fighting for the best software developers on the market and competing for building far more innovative products, enterprises in the automotive industry have to face numerous challenges that occur at every level of producing automotive software. One of the most challenging is staying up to date with the latest solutions in technology and building in-house expertise in automotive software development.

Automotive software development services

Finding top software engineers to deliver software products is a part of the solutions. To went full digital transformation, build a new environment for automotive software development, ensure quality standards, and address major risks, various automotive companies work with internal experts providing automotive software development services. Automotive software development consulting and tech companies like Grape Up support the automotive sector in the transformation towards software-centric organizations.

Like in other industries before, automotive companies rely on experts in software development processes, sensor data processing, machine learning, ML techniques, Big Data solutions, and cloud technology. Collaborating with experienced software engineers, automotive engineers, hardware and software teams build expertise in automotive software development required to deliver autonomous driving and connected vehicle technology to the market.

How software development knowledge is transferred to automotive companies? The application development process allows both teams - external consultants and the customer's software development team to collaborate, upskill, and share domain expertise while developing automotive software together. When working with Grape Up, automotive companies at every stage of developing software solutions can upskill their software engineering teams - from prototyping the development phase, discussing business models, solving problems, and software testing, to the start of production.

R&D automotive software development

The automotive industry is heading toward huge changes - customers are waiting for self-driving cars, tailored offerings based on driver and vehicle data, shared mobility solutions, and in-vehicle infotainment. Addressing the growing demand for innovative software products, the automotive industry invests in Research and Development projects.

Many consulting and technology companies empower the automotive industry to innovate. Among automotive software development services, vehicle manufacturers often decide to invite their business partners to help them work on innovative projects in the areas of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, connectivity technologies, and solutions allowing for faster development of automotive software.

According to Grape Up experts, their experience with the automotive industry shows that companies interested in automotive software development often focus on prototyping automotive cloud infrastructure, building telematics platforms leveraging vehicle data, improving their automotive development process, and solutions allowing them to improve customer experience and generate savings.
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