Tronsmart Launches Bang Outdoor Speaker With TuneConn Technology, Setting Off A New Wave Of Party Speakers

Tronsmart has gained a cutting-edge patented technology again to challenge the outdoor party speaker field.

Tronsmart Launches Bang Outdoor Speaker With TuneConn Technology, Setting Off A New Wave Of Party Speakers

Since Tronsmart introduced its SoundPulse® technology, a range of Tronsmart speakers like Force has received very positive feedback from customers worldwide. As a well-known technology brand, Tronsmart continues to specialize in the latest technology to meet customer needs and produce competitive products. Besides, Tronsmart has gained another cutting-edge patented wireless transmission technology - TuneConn™ which integrates Dual DSP Audio Processing, giving you all-around processing ranging from EQ to enhanced bass & treble, dynamic equalizer, dynamic EQ, various DRC processing, and digital amplifier so as to deliver higher resolution & rich-detailed audio streaming with lower distortion. Tronsmart's exclusive TuneConn™ technology ensures excellent synchronization between different Bluetooth speakers, allowing more than 100 speakers to be connected and play music to the same beat.

Party has always been a lifestyle that people are passionate about. People wonder if there are any portable speakers that could pair with multiple Bluetooth speakers so that they can party in various situations. As demand increases, Tronsmart is dedicated to innovating on the former products and putting forward brand-new speakers to offer an audio feast with stunning stereo sound.

The Tronsmart Bang features patented SoundPulse® technology, giving bigger and powerful sound than ordinary speakers. The BANG is also capable of syncing with up to 100 other Bang speakers thanks to Tronsmart TuneConn™ technology to amplify the audio and visual experience, making the sound is loud enough for outdoor activities. For the ultimate party showpiece, the BANG puts on a beat-driven light where the LEDs phase, pulse and shine with the rhythm of the music.

The sturdy design with a built-in handle allows for easy portability and the IPX6 waterproof protection makes it perfect for the beach or pool. 15 hours of playtime and the emergency charging make it the ideal travel accessory.

With the perfect combination of TuneConn™ and SoundPulse® technology and having outstanding features above, the Tronsmart Bang speaker is the best party speaker in 2022. Now it is available to purchase from the Tronsmart official website with Amazon to follow.

SOURCE Tronsmart
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