Bitget lists Solana-based Zebec Protocol on its Launchpad

Leading global derivatives exchange - Bitget, has announced the listing of Zebec Protocol (ZBC), a continuous settlement protocol and Multisig based on Solana's blockchain. The ZBC/USDT trading pair on Bitget will be available to traders from March 16, 10 AM (UTC) onwards.

Bitget lists Solana-based Zebec Protocol on its Launchpad

Designed to deliver real-time transaction settlements, Zebec utilises decentralised payment mechanisms to transform and simplify traditional financial systems. Decentralised payment mechanisms allow for third-party interference transaction fees to be minimised, with minimum transaction fees and the fastest gateway for payments.

"Zebec has an excellent track record in creating hybrid products that are essential for crypto's mass adoption. We believe the future of crypto relies heavily on emerging projects building on top of DeFi ecosystems," said Sandra Lou, CEO at Bitget.

"To accelerate this growth, we're providing a platform for projects building on layer 2 solutions to fetch the support they require. We are extremely excited to be further bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto with enhanced DeFi solutions. As we ramp up the development of our Launchpad, we are eager to introduce more promising projects to our community," she added.

By leveraging the essence of irreversibility and transparency Zebec enables continuous settlements with high liquidity that enrich token productivity upon mass adoption. The first application offered by Zebec, Zebec Pay offers a low-fee payroll solution that enables employees to be paid instantly, in USDC or other stablecoins, allowing them access to their funds simultaneously. Employees can also easily allocate a portion of their paycheck to compliant crypto IRA & 401k accounts.

With an ecosystem of more than 250 projects, Zebec has a multitude of projects building solutions on top of it. Being a multisig treasury management solution, it is also the world's first on-chain payroll product with tax features. To date, Zebec has raised $21M from industry titans such as Coinbase Ventures, Solana, Lightspeed, Alameda Capital and more. Zebec Protocol was founded by Sam Thapaliya, who is also the co-founder of ASMI Corp, an AI and video analytics platform, and has four US patents to his name.

"We're extremely excited to open up corridors for Bitget's users to invest in our vision of disrupting the current existing payment systems," said Sam Thapaliya, Co-founder and CEO at Zebec Protocol.

Bitget's Launchpad provides an exclusive opportunity for its users to get early access to projects with high potential in the space. Since its inception, various projects were launched and were met with positive feedback within the community.The Launchpad will continue to be a crucial focus of Bitget to continue its dedication to the larger development of crypto and blockchain.

For more information, please refer to the announcement.

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