Pocketful of Quarters Officially Launches with First and Only Compliant and Interoperable Video Game Currency for the Metaverse

Leading blockchain gaming project, Pocketful of Quarters (POQ), officially launched today following two years in stealth mode, and announced a strategic partnership with Klaytn, Kakao's global public blockchain project. POQ will be a part of Klaytn's $500M Growth Fund, which will accelerate the adoption of its universal gaming token, Quarters, and the Klaytn platform. Quarters is the first and only compliant and interoperable game token on the blockchain and is accessible across more than 100 games and platforms. This partnership will enable a connected metaverse, empower players to move seamlessly between virtual worlds, all while providing a new digital currency that unleashes gameplay.

Pocketful of Quarters Officially Launches with First and Only Compliant and Interoperable Video Game Currency for the Metaverse

"Players want the metaverse to be fun, safe and interoperable, but today's video games are fragmented, with millions of incompatible virtual currencies and experiences," said Michael Weiksner, co-founder and CEO of POQ. "Our partnership with Klaytn will help accelerate our ambitious plans to create the interoperable game token for the metaverse."

Klatyn, backed by Kakao, is the largest public blockchain that is dedicated to working with the best gaming publishers in Asia and around the world, bringing fast, affordable and high throughput transactions. As Klaytn's first acceleration partner in the United States, POQ will help support adoption with grants for developers and other owners of video games through Klaytn's $500M Growth Fund.

"Our video game partners tell us that they want a blockchain toolkit that is compliant and makes sense to implement," says David Shin, Head of Global Adoption at Klatyn. "With its historic SEC no action letter and simple API, POQ is our integration partner to bring video games and the metaverse to the Klaytn blockchain."

Quarters is a game-agnostic, digital utility token designed for the sole purpose of gameplay that empowers players with the freedom and agility to move from one game to another. The cross-platform currency also offers greater flexibility to developers over how they build, distribute, monetize and cross-market games, ultimately empowering them to create rich, new multiplayer experiences without losing creative and economic control to publishers. Additionally, POQ offers Q2 tokens, unique governance and burn tokens that allow investors to participate in revenue through the sale of Quarters. Q2 tokens give players, influencers, developers and investors the ability to help govern the new Quarters multiverse.

For more information, visit www.poq.gg.

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