Crypto Payments Platform Wirex Expands Services to USA

Wirex, a leading digital payments platform, has launched its services in the US, giving millions of people more affordable, easy and secure access to crypto and fiat currencies in everyday life.

Crypto Payments Platform Wirex Expands Services to USA

After partnering with Zero Hash,, Visa and Sutton Bank, distribution has begun on its hugely popular debit card across America. Wirex already provides cutting-edge services to over 4.5 million users across the EEA and APAC regions, earning itself a reputation for its commitment to innovation and security, and a US launch is the next step for the London-based company in introducing this financial alternative to a mainstream audience.

Wirex seeks to revolutionize payments in the US, offering the ability to buy, hold, exchange and sell US dollars as well as 37 different cryptocurrencies from a single intuitive app, as well as seamlessly send and receive crypto from external wallets. State-of-the-art technology links the app to a contactless Visa debit card, allowing customers to spend their cryptocurrency* online and in-store at over 61 million locations globally. Additional features include free domestic and international ATM withdrawals**, no annual fee, zero exchange fees, near instant crypto transactions, and live transaction notifications. Following an impressive collaboration with, customers can also instantly top up with zero fees by linking their debit cards.

Since launching in 2014, Wirex has become famous within the fintech community for developing the first crypto-enabled debit card, as well as the world's first crypto rewards scheme, Cryptoback™. The program rewards users with up to 8% in X-points for every purchase which can be exchanged for any other crypto in-app. Continuing its quest for the mass adoption of the digital economy, they released an upgraded rewards scheme, X-tras, as well as a DeFi-powered interest-earning product, as X-Accounts, which will both be available in the US shortly.

"We're excited to be able to empower American consumers, whether a hardcore crypto-enthusiast or a novice fintech fan, to experience the benefits of a digital economy," commented Harold Montgomery, Managing Director of Wirex USA. "US users have been demanding an alternative to traditional forms of payments that are antiquated, slow and non-transparent, and that's where Wirex steps in. We're known for upholding regulatory and licensing standards where required, and applying industry-best practices where regulations don't yet exist. American customers can expect the same level of compliance."

Edward Woodford, the CEO of Zero Hash and the crypto trading infrastructure platform powering the Wirex's crypto launch, commented that, "This is an excellent time to enter the US market and Wirex is primed for success as cryptocurrencies gain momentum as a payment option. Recent studies confirm this with nearly 60 percent of US consumers wanting to pay with crypto to make everyday purchases.1Our deep expertise in US regulations and our API-first approach makes us consistently the chosen partner for fintechs such as Wirex to expand to the US."

The company continues to create an enhanced digital ecosystem with the recent release of the Wirex non-custodial wallet and an investment in DeFi protocol, Nereus, positioning Wirex for exponential growth. The US launch will play a pivotal role in this, and in the coming months, the company plans to roll out more valuable features and services that have proved hugely successful in other regions, bringing the benefits of crypto and DeFi to over 300 million Americans.

Key Points:

Mobile app allowing customers to easily and safely buy, store, exchange and sell traditional and digital currencies anytime, anywhere
On-chain transactions enable crypto to be sent and received from external wallets
Next-generation technology links the Wirex app to a contactless Visa debit card, allowing these funds to be spent at over 61 million locations globally
Prepaid Card Funds are held in an FDIC-insured federally chartered bank, insured up to $250,000 per person
Commission-free trading and zero ATM fees**
Instant top-ups by linking your debit/credit card
Ability to earn up to 8% X-Points rewards back for any in-store and online purchases made, with Cryptoback™ rewards scheme and X-tras program
Over 4.5 million customers globally, with huge success in EEA and APAC already
Currently available to all US states (except New York & Hawaii, coming later this year)
Further plans to launch additional features and products to US customers

* Cryptocurrencies are automatically converted to USD at point of sale or ATM withdrawals

** Zero ATM fees on withdrawals up to $250 per month, 2% thereafter

Your Wirex Visa Prepaid Card (the "Wirex Card") will be issued by Sutton Bank, an Ohio chartered bank corporation whose main address is at 1 South Main Street, Attica, Ohio and who is a member of Visa.

1 Report: Nearly 60 Percent of Consumers Want To Buy Stuff With Crypto, PYMNTS, August 2, 2021,

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