StrikeX's Cross-Chain Crypto Wallet on The Horizon for Early 2022

A project everyone seems to be catching onto lately, developing their very own line of user-friendly blockchain products for every-day retail investors including a decentralised exchange (DEX), crypto wallet and trading platform centred around their native currency; goes by the name of StrikeX.

StrikeX's Cross-Chain Crypto Wallet on The Horizon for Early 2022

This UK based Blockchain technology company is looking like a strong competitor when compared to the current platforms that make up the retail trading landscape, StrikeX's range of next-generation products will change how users trade cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets and stocks.

StrikeX is extremely close to releasing their crypto wallet and is set to be officially released early next year, a development certain to take the project a step closer to market domination through providing features that current market leaders are withholding for premium members or do not provide at all, StrikeX aim to create all the tools required by crypto traders & HODLers to benefit from, at no additional cost.

The powerful StrikeX crypto wallet is equipped with a huge range of helpful tools like in-depth portfolio and market tracking, allowing you to monitor your portfolio's overall profit & loss over any timescale of your choosing with the combined asset charting feature. The StrikeX wallet will also offer instant fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals directly to your bank account, and will be Visa, Mastercard and Apply Pay friendly, meaning buying and selling your crypto has never been this simple.

The DEX will also be integrated into the wallet meaning users will be able to exchange their BSC tokens without the need to visit an external website, it's as easy as clicking on the swap icon and initiating your swaps from within the app. StrikeX also have their sights set on Cross-Chain compatibility, which means that different blockchains will be able to communicate with each other through the StrikeX wallet which is a game-changing feature, more details are to be announced soon.

StrikeX are creating their own platforms to give everyone equal opportunities to trade, they believe that no matter where in the world you are or how much you have to invest, the same tools should be available to you. Many projects claim to be community-driven but none are pushing the envelope quite like StrikeX are, keep up to date using the links below:

SOURCE StrikeX Technologies Limited
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